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Time Spent At My Beach

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One of the dear pleasures in my life I have is right at my back door and it is the Puget Sound.  It is a place I go to for enjoyment, when I need to find spiritual peace, for thinking and giving thanks.  Living at the tip of a peninsula has as many variables as there are minutes without end.   Ever changing, but always having a quality of similarities, a constant like that of a reliable lifelong friendship.     It seems no matter the weather conditions or time of day people are attracted and are drawn to her shores. The magnificence and pure beauty seems to catch the attention of all ages.

A variety like one would find sitting in an airport lobby with a long layover.  I discovered as a child a certain gratification in watching and studying people, complete strangers.  It kept my mind and imagination open to all possibilities.    Thoughts of where they came from and where they were going opened my mind’s eye to what each of their lives might be.  It always seemed to me that these strangers must have lives more interesting and exciting than my own, being a young girl raised in rural Missouri.  It was not until years later that I learned that where and how  I was raised was just as important in my makeup as the people who I loved watching and wondering about.

Being on my beach leads me to wonder about all the pathways, I have journeyed on.  Looking around me, I see and take in all the wonders close at hand.  This body or bay of water has so much to offer with all the different waterways, the numerous channels and branches with the patterns of the many islands, inlets, outlets, peninsulas, and tributaries that are fed from the two mountain ranges that are formed on the east and west.   It makes me feel so small like a grain of sand that lies at my feet.   The Cascade Mountain Range as I stand on my beach can be seen as I look to the east, it is as far North and South as the eyes can see with Mount Baker to the north and Mount Rainier to the South.  Sitting behind me, to the west, the Olympic Mountain Range each brings such beauty into my life.  This whole scene was brought about when our last Ice Age retreated carving out the landscape that I see on this day.  The huge boulders that lay at shores edge and the formation of the shoreline, the maze of all that is that makes the Puget Sound one very special place to observe, being up-close and feeling very blessed at this gift of all her sights and a glimpse of nature at her best. 

The past has made the future; we now realize and are concerned about the carbon footsteps we are leaving.   I too think about all the (footsteps) places that I have been blessed to live and visit.    I think about all those pathways that I have journeyed on over my lifetime in so many wonderful places, each in its own way just as special as where I stand today.  They too seem like a maze with lots of inlets, and outlets and so many branches of which many I have taken myself off the main path following these branches that have made my life and me what they are today. Each defining me as a whole and making my life’s passage an adventure building my spirit and allowing me to share and give along the way.  Each footprint left is just as important as the previous one.  Along these passageways just as significant and vital to me are the folks I have met, these souls have had and are of great consequence to making me whole, helping to magnify who I have become.   

Those souls, which have included me in their lives, have enriched me far more than I dared to dream as a child watching and studying others so long ago.  Feeling their energy, their hopes and dreams, seeing and sharing their elations and difficulties, they too mine; all is relevant and significant as to who I am and what I have become.  What I share and in all that I do, it does make a difference to all the souls that are on my pathway.   If I am observant, taking time to be one with nature one with all the souls that pass me on the street, shop with me at the stores and even those that I watch at my beach each and all are contributing  to making me whole. 

I find myself with a smile on my face and spirit when watching those that are having so much fun.  I find myself hoping the angler who has had patience from early morn unwearyingly waiting to have just one good catch for the day.  I am just as jubilant in my heart as he is, the whole time he works his reel, pole and line with a fish at the other end walking up and down the beach to wear out this catch.  Once reeled in to the shore taking hold, seizing the prized catch from his hard time-consuming work, that it took to bring this one in and the pride is etched on his face and in his spirit.  I see and feel it all just as I do when the fish frees itself from the line after a good arduous fight from both ends.       

Those that I watch give me moments of pause to reflect and believe that my actions should replicate and sincerely touch those around me whether they are a stranger or not.  Being aware of this allows my internal spirit to light my way, it is what essentially makes me whole, and it enlightens me to lead by example. My hope is that in all things beyond me that I will strive to make a difference. This in turn opens my eyes, it exposes all the beauty that surrounds me,  the combination of everything that I can see, hear, touch, smell and taste, these senses are the quality and trait seekers in our lives.  They are what make our life experiences inspiring, exciting, extraordinary stirring up all those senses that make life agreeable, pleasant, satisfying and pleasurable.  Each has made me realize this truly is the whole of all that is along with our faith.   I come to realized that my childhood and the way I was raised prepared me to become a better person that material needs and wants do not make you a whole.  The only way to distinguish your true character your moral fiber in life is by the way in which you live your life and what you do for others.      

Playing tag with the waves small children are still so free in their spirits and their hearts are still so pure and honest.  They invariably play tag with the surf and they run towards the open waters as the waves recede and then turn and run as fast as they can as the water surges, as it rapidly approaches, charging towards them on shore.  You see and feel such delight as the rushing water reaches and quickly flows up the legs of these wonderful little souls.  Hearing their shrieks and squealing of delight as they run and the water has made the tag, “Your it!”  The water announces with its cold wet touch.  They turn to start again and try as hard as they might not to let the water win and tag them again.    Such innocent, but hearing their high spirits expressed by their laughter, their vitality- joie de vivre, has made my heart leap with theirs and put a smile on my face and my spirit just watching and knowing what it felt to be young and playing similar games. 

Such excitement and jubilance from something that is as natural as nature and what she has to give, it opens my heart and mind that with everything comes cycles.  These young ones will one day be the elders and they too will watch life as it comes and goes.  They will see the same and experience things physically, mentally, and hopefully spiritually as each one has done before them as it has since the beginning of time. 

I love to walk the beach and find beach glass and pottery shards from long ago.  What time and the currents of the water have done to reshape these wonderful little pieces of glass into such odd shapes, the edges that once would have cut are worn and now ground and are so smooth to the touch.   They come to the shore and beachcombers like me collect these wonderful pieces of glass of varying colors of green, blue, violets every color in the rainbow.  I wonder as I gather the beach glass when it was first dropped in the water for whatever the reason.   How many tides of time have gone by since it first started its journey? 

Like the glass with time, it is worn down, but it does not lose its appeal, it is aged and sought by many for its beauty.   The same with nature, time goes on; we see births and deaths in all things, if one takes the time they will find the beauty in all, that long pass was and always will have beauty.   If we take the time to watch and learn, to feel what we are seeing and cherish those around us, age is beauty even when it loses its luster.   I sit here on my beach and take it all in, the beauty, the fishermen of all ages and the children and their families and how they are building whom they will become with examples set in motion with each emotion, expression, and reaction of their fellow-man.   I do not want to live just for myself; I want to live outside myself.  I want what I do and say to make a difference.  I use my life as an example hoping others will see and have the realization of the faith that has made me whole, my deep abiding faith completes me.

The mountains and water are here forever; nature is always in cycles of change but will always be a constant.   The only thing that will change in time the fishermen will be replaced with the same and the children and their families and friends they will one day be the elderly and at the end of their pathways of life.  I hope that as each age and grow with time that they reap the insight needed so they too can value all their gains and help to mold spirits with the examples of the way they live their lives.   That their families and friends will gather with compassion, affection and respect for what each person has been and represented in their lifetime.   That by example the keen awareness of all that is spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically, this is the final finishing point of time-shared and giving closure the love and respect it so rightly deserves.   This closure is the continuous journey that is eternal, there is more to life than what we live, it is how we loved, lived and shared.   Seeing and sharing with them as they pass on to a new pathway, an eternal pathway where they too shall be waiting our turn for timelessness.   

At that point, our earthly pathway ends, I hope I have made the best of what was put on my path.  I know I have a love of nature and beauty and try hard to find both in all the souls that have been put on my life’s journey.  Time is without end as with the tides each marking a moment in time, and beauty, those pleasing and impressive qualities of our center (spirit) can be found in all.   Do not let a person that has been in your life not know how you feel and let them know that you are because they took some time to help shape you, they have taught you to live by example and may it continue through you….

 The Heart (Gratefulness):

“Thanks to the human heart by which we live,

 Thanks to its tenderness, its joys and fears,

 To me the meanest flower that blows can give

 Thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears.”

William Wordsworth (1770 – 1850) feeling the same similarity that draws me towards the sights, sounds, scent… (Quote from Encarta Encyclopedia)

Poems in Two Volumes (vol. 2), 1802?-1806, “Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood


“For I have learned to look on nature,

 not as in the hour

 Of thoughtless youth; but hearing often-times

 The still, sad music of humanity.”

William Wordsworth (1770 – 1850) British poet (Quotes from Encarta Encyclopedia)
Subtitled: “On Revisiting the Banks of the Wye During a Tour, July 13, 1798.” Lyrical Ballads, July 13, 1798, “Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey”


Sense of Adventure


I have always had a love of reading and learning about people, places and things from around the world.  I have had lists since I was a child of the places I wanted to go, see, and experience when I was old enough to do just that.  For me it is necessary to experience the people, places and things personally.  I love to visit and gain understanding about the people and truly get to know whom they are, finding out about their cultures first hand.  I need to see, hear, feel, smell and taste my way through my travels and put these new founds senses to my memory.  Nothing can compare to being there seeing and experiencing things first hand. 

On all my travels, I love exploring the paths that the locals take, talking with the locals and trying my best to be one with them and not just the outsider, the tourist.  The locals once they see you are very interested in who they are, how they live their lives, seeing things from their perspective will see you in a different light.  Showing your true interest of who they are crosses those bounds and fine-tunes you to all that can be a part of your travels.  I find that they have a different level of respect for me and share things with me that I would not learn otherwise.   I have met so many wonderful souls, and made some dear and lasting friendships on my travels and I consider them added blessings in my life. 

You can tell me all about the Eiffel Tower, but until I was there in person studying this recognizable landmark, walking around it, and talking with the Parisians and tourists alike, it was what made it all come alive to me.  I could see it up close and personal, I could touch it, feel the textures, and see the colors. 

I love to sit back and listen to the children and folks having so much fun experiencing the same thing that I am, the exposure of everyone’s feelings showing on their faces and in their hearts.  It makes the soul so complete.  It is etched in your spirit ~ your soul so you can tap into this new-found knowledge when needed or just day dreaming, about all that which is most willingly shared by all on these adventures. 

All the involvements that surrounds you makes a mark on your memory, the evidence of all that was on that sunny afternoon in Paris, experiencing the same as each person sharing the day, equally sharing an experience, least they know or not.  It is there to be recalled whenever you think of your experiences, your associations are recognized, your identity markers of past participation makes a connection, you will recognize again and again some of the same actions, gestures, attitudes that are mimicked at other times in other adventures.  So many things connect each and all.   The total sum of all sounds, sights, smells, tastes all interconnect and bring the ‘Sense of Adventure’ to meet and combine at your center.  I know when I experience things it triggers the good the bad and the indifference in all experiences spent to present, the recall is phenomenal. 

When I dined at the Les Tour 58 Eiffel in Paris, I remember the sights, the beautiful white lights that could be seen while looking out the window, the sounds, and the smells.  The beautiful linen, the china and silver, and the wonderful staff and how they treated us, took us in, and told us what we should not miss on this trip.  Asking where we had been and where we were going and telling us some simple things that might make this trip that much more enjoyable and memorable.  They were so kind and it was   genuine respect that they showed us as we muddled through what now in retrospect seemed or was beginners French.    The harder we tried the more sincere they were. 

I will never forget anyone of the experiences I have had ~ be it in Paris, NYC or Seattle, no matter where I have traveled.  Each and all are a total sum of all that I have become and are embedded in my heart, to be thought of often and even shared. 

My words, photography and food blog, is a place I will share some of my short(s) (I prefer calling them) stories I love to write, some of my photography and of course my love of food and cooking.  At times, I may bring along some of my family and friends that have joined me along the way.  I always look forward to adventure and new souls and of what I do not know and the love of getting to know each and all better, learning from firsthand experience, and yes with my inquisitive nature I hope some of you will not mind answering my questions or explaining something to me along the way….RaeDi

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