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Male Rufus taking care of business!

Ninnie being Ninnie – catnap in the sun!

First I thought I would start off with a picture of Ninnie, she has not been corporative at all with me taking her picture of late!   Normally she just ignores me while I point and shoot.  I found her lying on her back in a sunny spot this morning.  She had no idea I had taken her picture, if she did she did not let on… it is something how an animal can pretend to be sleeping when you are talking… their ears gives them away, they move with the voices!  So afraid they might miss something, you just might be talking about them!    She looks so angelic… don’t you think!

Male Rufus

Now I will get back to the subject… hummingbirds.  We have been eagerly awaiting our seasonal hummingbirds.  Normally the Rufus Hummingbirds would have arrived by now.  The Calliopes’’ are always a month or so behind.  I am wondering if they are in the desert!  Will have to call my nephew Mickey who lives in Phoenix and see if they had a higher than normal bloom in the desert this year.  That would explain the non-appearance of the hummingbirds here.  (The Anna’s who winter over do not mind, they are always so up in the air so to speak when the others start arriving!  It does not take long for them to get along and share… most of the time!)

Male Rufus

I have a little story I want to share with you… A few years ago I was in Tucson, Arizona.  It was March and the total opposite weather that we were experiencing here in the Northwest!  Not that unusual to say the least.  Lots of sun it got up into the 80’s and a couple of days in the 90’s.  I had no need for a sweatshirt or sweater.  I had packed for the sun.  I took sundresses, short sleeves, crops and Bermuda shorts along with some sneakers and stylish sandals of course!   For a change my house coat was what took the most space in my suitcase! 

Male Rufus

At lunch time one day I decided to take a long walk along the main business street in downtown Tucson… lots of State and Federal Buildings along the way.  Besides getting in a little exercise and sun… I could people watch something I love to do.  What better time than at lunch time walking among hundreds of folks coming and going on their lunch time.  I experienced something on that walk… it is a point in time I will never forget.

Male Rufus

I think everyone knows that city blocks are pretty long… I had just pasted through one intersection to start the next city block and a male Rufus Hummingbird came right up to my face and was staring at me.  Then he started his excited zee-chupity-chuping, chipping and buzzy notes as he hovered a foot in front of my face.  Whether I stood still or kept moving he stayed with me, flying backwards at the same speed as myself, if I stopped he hovered until I made an advancement… his musical buzzing and just being present had everyone’s attention.  These folks that were so busy in their everyday lives running errands, getting things done on their short lunch hour took the time to come along and watch this colorful little winged one. 

Female Rufus (bad hair day!)

They were as amazed as me at the actions of this hummingbird.  Some that were going in the opposite direction decided to join in and see what this little winged one was up to!   This went on for the full length of this city block.  So much commotion… it is something that something so small and of little consequence to each of their daily routines could make so many people stop their day and take part to just see what he was up to.  He was flashing his colors for all to see.  He had so much to tell me and sometimes I thought he was actually scolding me!  It sounded like it anyway!

Two Female Rufus at feeder

People were asking me if this had happened before, not in the city… my little hummers at home did this all the time.  Someone in the crowd spoke up and said, “It is like he knows her!”  I was thinking the same thing.  Was this one of our seasonal hummers on his track to Hummingbird Hollow and just staying over for a rest and to take in the desert bloom before continuing on? 

I decided to take another walk the next day and ran into a couple of women that called me the Hummingbird lady… they wanted to talk about what they had observed.  We sat down on a park bench and I told them about Hummingbird Hollow and all the little winged ones that call our home theirs for several months out of the year.  I also said the one thing that I did not say aloud the day before, I thought the little winged one was one of ours and wanted to know why I was not at home and was afraid he would not have a feeder of nectar waiting for him when he arrived!  That will never happen….

I think he is telling me to stop watching!

Life Springs from Decay

When I took this picture it reminded me of the decline in autumn as everything goes to sleep for the rebirth of spring.  Seeing the spring blossoms of the Vinca plant through the decayed leaf too brought these words to life…

Words from William B. Tappan: From ‘Beauty in the Grave’

And look upon the laughing earth,

Where spring in careless play

Puts forth its fairest blossoms, but

To deck them with decay.

I went on one of my walkabout today… in the woods just outside our home.  Ninnie went along: I do not know why she did not keep me company!  The last few days she has been so camera-shy… letting me know that I have enough pictures of her already.  I got a few shots: there is nothing clever about anyone of them.  She moves so fast it is hard to adjust the camera in time.  In one she thinks she has concealed herself atop a fallen tree.  She did invest some time exploring another log that had a nice hole…. one our red fox would use.


I guess she did conceal herself!

She would not look at me…

She is on the run… no pictures please!

A good fox hole!

We found a little color in the woods…

One of my garden orbs, it was a crackled clear glass orb, but with the sunlight adding depth I decided to see what I could do with my digital photography… it to me now looks like earth!

 Can now see one of my garden bunnies with the snow melted!

One of the Crocus in full bloom! Finally!

Chicken Panini and Spinach Orange Salad

It been a long month so to speak, it is time to try to have a normal day in and day out life again.  As normal as can be at the present time… I have not been eating right and my body is telling me that I need something that is fresh, crunchy, something with a little zing to it… something a little different that we have not had in some time.

T went to the market yesterday and stocked up on all kinds of fresh fruit and veggies.  Produce is something that I have always been very keen on.  As a child and even as an adult I have been known to eat right out of the garden.   I love fresh produce, the fresher the better!  We had a wonderful roasted chicken the other night and then had a nice cob salad but still have a little left.  We need to think of something that can use the last of the left over’s and still be enjoyed… thank goodness T does not mind having the same thing several days in a row.

We neither one felt like cooking and wanted something easy, quick and with little clean up.  But we were both ready for something that would left us up so to speak.  I told him I would do dinner; he has been so good to me the last few weeks.  Not one complaint out of his mouth and making sure I have everything I would need and more.

I decided to make us a Chicken Panini… spinach, sliced chicken, some cranberry relish… nothing fancy just a simple sandwich.

Then I thought a Spinach Orange salad would be really good with… I had everything I needed… everything was so fresh it would be perfect.  The salad I decided to mix some romaine hearts and spinach together and throw in some red onion, cherry tomatoes, orange slices, pistachios, to bad T forgot to get an avocado… it will not be missed.  With the Orange Salad Dressing I make it will be perfect.  It has lots of zing that we need to help left our spirits… it would put it out of the park that is for sure.  Late this evening after dinner I was trying to get caught up on my blogs and commenting and found that someone had the same thing in mind… a different version than mine but it sure looks look too!  Check it our at Chef in disguise, her looks incredible!

Orange Salad Dressing

  • ½ cup freshly squeezed orange juice
  • ½ cup olive oil
  • 1 Tablespoon Vinegar
  • 1 Tablespoon freshly grated orange zest
  • ½ teaspoon Lemon Pepper… can use fresh ground black pepper too
  • Sea Salt to taste
  • 1 Heaping Tablespoon French Grain Mustard
  • Shredded Apple Smoked Gruyère Cheese for topping (not mixed in dressing)

Put everything into a jam jar (or such) and put the lid on tight (that is important… I know) and give it a really good shake.

The salad did not let us down and the  panini’s were perfect.  Everything united together to make one spectacular dinner.  We were both pleasingly surprised.  T said I could cook for him anytime….

‘Ninnie being Ninnie’ Things have not been normal around here and animals do pick up on when you are sick or down and such.  She has followed me around like a dog and wants to make me happy, she has even been sleeping at my feet at night, I think she thinks she has done something wrong… we all know better!  Today she got lots of love and was so happy until the high winds started and then rain was added to the mix… she decided to sleep through it all.  She is not a happy camper when the weather does not cooperate and she cannot go in and out a gazillion times!  Look at her wrapped up in her own little goodness!

Pork Barley Soup and Just Words

Ninnie had a bad day, but you cannot help but love her!

Bear with me today I feel in a ‘wordy’ mood!

Winter has settled in here where I live.  No snow, but cold air, cold wet air… no matter if it is a sprinkle, or a drizzle, could be muzzling, misting, in the form of  fog or even hail, light showers or  a deluge or some call a downpour… raining/torrents of cats and dogs it is still cold precipitation (of one kind or another.)   All always accompanied with grey skies.  But that can be a plus… when the sun shines it is a moment of perceived heaven.  You always take the time to enjoy the flash of rays that cast light… the rare winter sunbeams.  The casting light, reflect… bring thoughts of summer past or summer comings… one thing you know in the great Northwest sun basically makes itself known it seems only in the summer months with little minute sneak peeks during the rest of the year… but what a surprise… an attention getter… it is when beams of the sun rays are blessing you with a fleeting moment of the sun’s light.

We lost our electric the day before yesterday; an abrupt change in the weather front with high winds… I was trying to gather Ninnie and some things to settle in for the afternoon and the wind chimes made me take sudden notice that they were being carried on the wind now hanging horizontally… making mutable sounds as they tried to chime with the same notes but it was as impossibility while wafting on the wind like a sailboat on water.   

About the time I get Ninnie to the back door hail was added to the mix… it was drumming  on and bouncing off the roof and deck so hard it muffled the wind chimes scaring Ninnie to the outer reaches of the yard.   There was no way I was going out into the weather to try to… One… try to catch a terrified… anxious cat, I won’t even go there.  Two… knowing Ninnie like I do (she feels she will melt if one drop of moisture touches her) with wet fur… it always brings out the best in her… not!… Three… one arm people do not have any business trying to save a scared to death cat… nothing good can come of it!    

There was more than one danger in even attempting to do so.  So I stayed in the door frame so she could see me (I wonder does she realize that I do not like being wet and cold either!) until things settled down enough that she would know when she could make an abrupt dash for the door, which is what eventually happened. 

For the rest of the day she was not of very good sorts (take another look at that face… I’ll wait!) I think she thought I brought it all on and I was the only one to blame.    She will soon get over another of what she thinks is a personal attack on her life! Things did settle down quicker than it took the hail to melt. 

The hail was the closest thing to snow we have had this winter (unless a heavy frost counts) here in our neck of the words, I love snow and if it is going to be cold and wet I say let the precipitation be snow, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

We again have high wind forecast for this afternoon and evening.  Everything has been made ready.  Ninnie is not allowed out for the rest of the day, and she is none too happy with me (again.)  She will have to live with it, when the winds start she gets all paranoid and it is hard for her to keep things indexed in her little brain.  Sounds being carried on the wind are hard for all animals’, one of the reasons they bed down.   As soon as Ninnie realizes what is going on she will do what she normally does… sleep through it.  She always sleeps through all the difficult situations in her life.   

So many stories, but have used up my words for today….



T made pork barley soup today.  It is very simple but so delicious!  I enjoyed it immensely!  The hot broth felt so good going down… his recipe as put to me…  brown some pork in olive oil add a chopped onion and a sliced up clove of garlic, throw in a couple of diced potatoes, sliced carrots, add a small handful of barley and couple jars of water.  Season with some salt and pepper and simmer for an hour or two.   Add some parsley at the end.  He said he just throws it in the pot and if you try too hard it won’t be as good….


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