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Fly Little Robin Take to the Air

  Healthly Robin from 2010

I wrote this several years ago and was reminded this morning watching the robins building their nests and thought I would share it with you.

When spring comes, the American Robin returns, I can remember hearing, “Spring’s not far off I seen my first robin today.”  Here is the Northwest it is such a thrill to see that first Robin.  Spring brings with it an end of winter.  After months of gray dreary skies (a cold dampness that penetrates to my very bones and so much rain) I sometimes wonder why I have not grown web feet, it is good to know winter is all but past.   It is wonderful knowing that the Robin expressive song will be the first thing heard at days first light and the last one singing as evening sets.

Come February the American Robin returns here to the Northwest.  They flock in together.  I observed a behavior here a few years ago that I had not realized until I saw it with my own eyes.  I have learned they will assemble in a large flock and fly into one bush or tree to roost for the night.  The first time I watched this, it seems so strange.  I observed several dozen robins had congregated on our front lawn.  Then all of a sudden, they all flocked into one of our Rhododendron bushes.  I had no idea they did this.

Once I had become aware of and observe this it seems to be a common natural occurrence.  This is of course before they disperse in pairs for mating and building their nests.

I love to watch all the different species return for the season.  Taking the time to just watch, study, and see things for myself.  It amazes me how our feathered friends do things.  For several weeks now, since early spring, I have been watching several robins gathering victuals, the necessities that is needed for their hatchlings to grow and be healthy.

I observe them, hoping that they do not become conscious of this fact.  They have kept me very busy, trying hard not to be noticed.  We have three different nests in the vicinity of the house.  I do not want to intrude on their space.  I would feel extremely sorry if because of my actions, my eavesdropping would distress anyone of them.

I take a moment and marvel about all the dedication the male and female have from beginning to end.  They have worked tirelessly, finding and carrying natural and artificial material to build their nest.  They find long course grass, sticks, twigs, hair, a variety of mosses, reeds, feathers and so much more to make their nest.

They both gather all the materials it will take to make the nest, the females are the one to take all the gatherings as they come in and construct the nest.  Once she is finished, making the outside of the nest, she plasters the inside with mud and she will line it with grass or other natural material for cushioning. Working diligently for hours unending until it is complete, getting it precisely how she wants it and when finished it can weather any storm.

She has designed her nest for incubating and protecting the eggs she will lay.   The eggs, laid in a clutch of three to five, are uniform in size and have a striking color of greenish-blue. From the time they start their season, usually February here, she will do this two to three times in the season.  The nest is abandoned once all chicks have left the nest and a complete new nest will be built for each new brood.

It takes 14 days for them to hatch, once hatched she will take the empty shells and discard them well away from the nest.  She wants no tale-tale signs that there is a nest in the area.   Once hatched add another couple of weeks and the chicks will leave the nest.  Their wings are not developed enough for flight; it will take yet another couple of weeks for full flight.  They can have short little flights hardly off the ground, they have to wait until their wings are fully developed and have all the feathers needed for full flight.

Right now, the female and male are busy feeding their brood.  They are coming and going with worms, then beetles grubs, caterpillars, fruit and berries.  Our salmon berries are in full season, the bright yellow berries are ripe and plump.  I watch the parents gathering the salmon berries, they take the time to enjoy a few before returning to the nest for the next feeding.  The parents are coming and going continuously during the day.

When they first leave the nest, the parents stay with the little one teaching the chick its life’s lessons when they know it is time they leave it to its own.  It will not be long before I will see them on the ground hopping around and begging its parents to come and feed it.  However, they are on their own.  You can see the male and female from the tree branches; they stay with them, well beyond where the little chick could make a return, but they will observe and scrutinize from a good distance until the little ones takes flight.

It is a site to watch them stretch out as much as it can to try for that salmon berry low on the branch, but still just out of reach.  Try as it might, it just cannot quite get it.  Once having tried several times, it sits back and calls for mom and dad to come and feed me.  The cries are heard, but they do not relent to come and help the chick.  It is on its own and needs to learn how to fend for himself.

Now if it was in danger of a cat, hawk, eagle and so many other things that prey on the little ones, the parents, even other robins will come to defend the little one.    It will soon learn how to get the berries just out of reach and to find its own worms.  I take note they leave the nest very plump and healthy.  They do not any of them starve and all seem to stay plump and healthy.  They are ready at the end of the season to join the flock and start the migration south.

Robins, what do they have to do with us?  When RudiRue (my grandson) comes to visit, he is a very inquisitive child.  His curiosity is wonderful; his inquiring about all things that he sees is a wonderful opening to teach that life of nature is not or should not be much different from us humans.  He probes us on everything; we are ready and willing to answer all his questions.  He loves walking our trails and our beach as much as his Mema.   Gramps is like a walking encyclopedia.  He is willing to answer any and all of RudiRue’s questions (mine too!).

When Gramps and RudiRue  return after an afternoon out with their walking sticks and a backpack of snacks now emptied from all the different animals in the area, he is so excited to recite back everything he has witnessed and the how’s and whys and can even name the different funguses that grow here and that is many.   He retains everything.  I am so ecstatic that this child loves to walk, to run and play.  To learn and keep hold of those things that he has such great interest in.  The only way to go from here is to keep adding to his repertoire.  He is learning firsthand the similarities between nature and us humans.

When and why did humans quit observing nature, to live our lives, scrutinize our lives like that of the robin, I think that is when we started to fail our children?  RudiRue does not watch television.  He does not play the video games; he does not eat cookies and chips and drink soda pop.  He is happy with an apple or a bunch of grapes as a snack.  He asks for a glass of water.  I am very blessed that he does not realize how the other children are allowed to live their lives.  RudiRue does not have a weight problem.  He can stretch out and reach for the good in life.  He can run, jump, and not be breathless.

I loved to read to RudiRue, we together would draw pictures and put together words for his first book.  He was so proud of his book he wrote.  He told his Gramps he was an author, he was the ripe old age of three.

I think if we humans study nature and raise our children as the Robin does, they teach the chick all the things needed to survive.  Then they let go.  Maybe if we took the time from infancy and taught our children all the values of life including diet, and give them all the education they would need they would be ready to face the world.  Teach them the values of money and the difference between what a need is and what a want is.  They will be ready to leave the nest when the time comes.  They will be prepared to face this world on their own.

Hopefully we have loved them, taught them the difference between right and wrong, what morals are, a good strong faith foundation, how to eat and stay healthy and to maintain a strong mind and body.  Give them all the tools and equip them with all the things that are important, so they can be productive adults.   They will be able to help themselves but also to help those that cannot help themselves.  This would lead to a stronger, more determined, prolific life and self sustainable human for humanity itself.

Add to the list of why we have endangered species, and how that same thing affects us humans.  The environment, pesticides and toxins and chemicals look what they have done to our nature and look at what it is doing to our health.  We need to try as hard as we can to take that time to teach all avenues of life to our children.  The time needed to raise a child, even though it is scarce, find it, give the attention, knowledge to those little ones while they are still in the nest.  They will then be able to help themselves.

Gathering and flocking together is so much different from parents raising children who are in there 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.  I know there are those extraordinary circumstances that we cannot foresee or maintain, but with raising, the little ones and giving him-her all the armor needed to face the world; maybe we can help prevent these situations, and conditions from going out of control.  Teach them in all security measures, the difference between need and want, needed is a safety net, saving accounts for those rough times that we all face at one time or another.  Wants can be put on hold indefinitely.

We need to equip our children from the foundation up with faith.  Teach them so that they know the difference between right and wrong, too that they know helping themselves is the first step to being a productive adult.   Give them discernment; let them know shrewdness and prudence.  Pray that they are filled with love, confidence, common sense, education, are strong and healthy and know how to stay that way.  Give them the insight that they can cleave out that which has harmed humanity.  Let them learn what compassion, empathy, kindness and charity are.    We can hope and pray that they can see all that was created from our maker and to learn from each.  Let hope they are grounded and always growing in faith.

 We can each hope and pray for a good strong flight for each little birdie!….

 She has laid her eggs and is taking a break.  Once in a while the male will sit on the nest to give the female a break.


Just Around the Last Hairpin Curve


Today I was thinking about so many things, the Japanese and what else could come their way.  The Middle East and what the actual costs are for freedom and democracy.  It is a high price to pay, but nothing can compare.  I wonder how many younger Americans have full knowledge about what gave them the lives they live and the high cost (the ultimate cost for many) so many scores of years ago.  The hardships the military and their families went through.  I think we should do a better job of teaching our children about the everyday negating circumstances they faced and the deprivation that confronted them everyday like how long they fought without pay, proper clothing, weather-survival, diet-or lack of, health-disease of which any or all of these adversative were as deadly as the war itself.  There is more to war than just the battles.  Could or would they stand up and live down to do the same thing our ancestors did?

It really is a shock when you look at it that way; I wonder what our ancestors would think about how we live today with the freedoms they gifted us?  How have we put ourselves in harm’s way, have we yet learned that Mother Nature has strength on her side, as we can see man made can be just as detrimental and devastating.  Could we do better for our nation as a whole, what would our ancestors think of our ways, especially with the knowledge we have.  What better way to help ourselves than by using our knowledge and cleaning up our nation so natural and man-made disasters can be contained and hopefully diminished to some degree.    Seeing the domino effects in Japan should teach all of us something, I sincerely hope.

We none of us have a crystal ball.  I wonder how many of us would actually want to know what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next year.  Disclosure can be a two edged sword.   Knowledge is good, with it comes understanding and comprehension and too responsibility.  Realization, but if we choose to ignore ‘faults of all kinds’ human and natural it will be our own downfalls.  The experts in the nuclear fields could better inform all citizens that there are ‘high costs’ involved in having alternate energy sources to sustain all our power for needs and wants.  I wonder should we each stop and think about all the energy we use and if there is a way to cut back.  Do we really need to use so much?  We need to be reminded and educated intermittently about all of the ‘overall’ cost of nuclear energy and why it is important for all of us to respect the whole process.

When we build know where to build, when built have only the most dedicated, experience scientists and technicians.  We have to set higher standards, regulations, and no pecuniary manacles.   We want top-notch updated equipment at all times; I do not want to know that some five dollar gadget not replaced because of budget restraints has cost lives and how many gazillion years of a dead zone?  I hope at some near future date we can better handle the aftermath with the spent fuel rods and all long-term storage of radioactive waste and all the requirements that are necessary to have a safe way of storage and disposal.  We really need to get our ducks in a row.  There are 104 Nuclear Plants in America, we need to go through and investigate each one to scrutinize everything from the ground up, and including the ground it was built on.

The financial environment that our country is in, that is just as alarming, can you imagine if this were to happen in the USA right now, where our government would get the money needed is beyond anyone comprehension, one calamity would be followed by another.  When we see the way our government handles our countries budget, is it any wonder why some of our citizens lack understanding, the simple grasp of organizing their own budgets,  it seems at times (?) it is really hard to get them to think about what is a need and what is a want and the true difference.  For some it is troublesome to do without, I wonder if the price of food keeps going up and with the inflation rising, and add the cost of oil to the mix in what order will they give up the wants to keep the needs without burdening someone else, lacking order in one part of one’s life is eventually compounded in so many other areas.

Do you ever see someone that needs help, really needs a helping hand, a friend was waiting in the car at a grocery store and watched an elderly couple come, park and go into the store.  When they returned they could not find their car.  It was all the elderly man could do to get into the store and now after having been on his feet it was a struggle to keep up.  She was not in much better shape and add to that she had been to the eye doctor that morning and her eyes had been dilated, she could not see and could not remember where she parked the car.

So many folks passed them by; busy with their everyday routines, most everyone could see the couples despair.  This friend finally approached (he was several rows away) them and they were both leery, they did not want him to cause any problems, they were already in trouble.  Finally he got through to them that they had parked their car next to his.  She finally let him take the groceries, take her hand and lead them both back to their car.  I wonder how they even made it home with her driving.  But, numerous folks coming and going just ignored the situation, I see this sort of thing a lot more today than in times past.

So many souls who will not take the time to help someone, is part of it being inconvenienced,  I sometimes wonder if they even realize what it is to lend a hand, be of assistance for someone else are they blind, maybe no manners?  I do not think they see themselves as any kind of hindrance.  When did they lose respect for others, in losing that respect they lost respect for themselves.  Not until they are in a dire situation or something like in Japan, Haiti, or Argentina, Chili, New Zealand, the Gulf Coast to name a few disasters that have happened in recent time, well reality hit home.   It seems times of despair teaches what it is truly like to need support and assistance and get and give in return.  A disaster sure opens one eyes.

I think my thinking has been influenced by all the news and pictures that I am seeing, but it also brings to mind all those souls who always put the other person first.  It is a true blessing to see how we Americans can be one of the first countries in when disasters hit.  How when so many of us are living on budgets that could not be restrained financially anymore, even though we felt that way months ago, we are still able to do and keep doing.  I am blessed to see the good in so many people.  They do have the makeup and backbone to stand up and fight for this country just as our ancestors did for our freedom and democracy.  It seems it is a two-sided coin when you look at the world, I guess it is what are we looking for.  Do we want to find the good, or do we want to find the weak, the problems.  With some give them a problem and it is solved.

I myself try to find the good in everything.  It is hard when you see the suffering the Japanese are going through right now.  Sometimes the uncertainties about what will tomorrow bring, what revelations will be made known not to just the Japanese but for each one of us as each new day starts, but we cannot live in fear.  We can take each day as it comes and make the best of it.  It too, usually goes a little smoother when we put others first.

I love getting up each day and seeing and experiencing things in the present moment.   I still have hope that tomorrow will bring the sun, relief, healing, and water for the thirsty, and food for hungry.  It amazes me so that in times of the worst disasters how many wonderful things truly happen.  We can allow the bad to overcome the good, or take the good and hope that each new day will bring more of the same.

Certain pictures touch my soul so much differently now; I have a small mark on my heart that is still tender after more than three years.  It was pure raw pain, when I was first told my sister had passed.   I had never experienced that kind of pain in my heart ever.  I never knew a person could have grief that hurt to the core.  With time and memories it has healed, but there still is a little spot that is marked, maybe for life when I see that pain, the grief in the eyes of those that have just lost, a realization hits, one I know well, it will be a long road, but it will get easier with time and once again you will be able to smile, I remember the first time I laughed after my sister passed.  Truly laughed from the soul, it was like a wakeup call, it made me stop and think about how good it felt to laugh to have the wholeness of that expression is like nothing else, when it has gone silent (for me almost six months,) adrift, like grief, it changes the soul, but I think in time the soul heals and we have added knowledge that at some point we can put to good use.

It is a life altering experience that is for sure, something that is not forgotten, the thing that makes a spark, the acknowledgement for me at least, seeing the grief in their eyes, through to their souls.  Not only could I see it, I could feel it and know, that tender spot just let me know it was instant recognition.  Give them time, give them what they need to get back on their feet, give them respect and let them keep their dignity and they too will become stronger in the end.

It’s been a day of thoughts, scattered here and there, it not easy being me, I do not know for one minute to the each what I will be thinking or wondering about.  I have to have free thought days; I have shared before my Mom telling me as a child to save some questions for another day.  But I do know I am one blessed person with all I have, I could not ask for anything more.  What would I like more than anything, but I know I cannot feed the world, bring back the dead or heal the pains,  but I can hope that I can in  some small way make a difference, even if it is in just one person’s life.  That is all I ask of myself is to somehow, in some way touch someone in a positive way each day.  If we each did just that, what a wonderful world we would all be living in.

I do not think I am over thinking this in the least, I think it is innate humanity, something we are born with to be shared, not a Pollyanna Syndrome.  I hope to put the positive in the forefront, the negative, the bad news reports bring about just that…more of the same, we need to know, knowledge is power, it gives us strength to survive and strength to help too.  Let’s hope we start getting some good reports, pictures, videos and such from Japan, and the Middle East.   I want to know what is happening, but I too want to know the other side of the coin.  I hope the news gives equal time to both.

One other thing I was thinking about today, believe it or not all this is connected…years ago I had to make several business trips each year to Boise, ID.  I would save one business trip each year to be taken in the month of August.  I would take along my children, the ones who wanted to join me on the business trip and make it a long weekend before heading home.  You have to understand, Idaho is hot and humid and in August it brings with it misery for those that live in the area.  But for us Northwestern Washingtonians it always put a smile on our face.  Our summers start here in July, mid-summer for everyone else.  We are lucky if we break 80 degrees more than one day in a row, we have had some warm weather that can bring temps into the 90’s not often, but then when you have rain, rain and more rain and grey dreary skies for most of the year and a wet cold that can be described in so many ways I will not go there.

We were in heaven, we stayed by the pool afternoons, it could not get to hot for us.  We always had pizza one night, ate out at a nice restaurant another and up in the air for the rest.  Field trips of one kind or another usually in the mornings, we could not ask for anything more.  We had smiles on our faces for a month after a few days spent in hot and humid Idaho each summer.

One such trip, (it turned out it was our last trip to Idaho) we had the most amazing thing happen on our way home.  This year’s trip had been a good one; we all enjoyed ourselves to the fullest.  We were headed home and coming down out of the Blue Mountains, God’s Country in Eastern Oregon; it is pure utter natural beauty in all directions.  For miles we had been watching the biggest, widest rainbow anyone of us had ever seen.  We were talking about where the end of the rainbow was at, watching to see if we could see it.

It was hard for me to keep an eye on; the road is pretty hard to drive as it is.  Lots of hairpins curves, steep inclines, some with both, one has to keep both eyes on the road, no finger pointing, keep both hands on the wheel, full attention, nothing less.   But just around the last hairpin (the relief always flooded in when I had slowed way down as we approached the last hairpin in the steep slopes of the last hard curve to the right.) I knew this road well, there it was the wheat fields as far as the eye could see in all directions with the Blue Mountains in the background, such a beautiful site each time I saw it.

There in the middle of all that wheat was the end of the rainbow.   We pulled over to just take it all in.  We got out of the Blazer and joined the other folks who had done the same.  All of us amazed at what we were seeing, a once in a lifetime event.  It was probably one of the most amazing sights I have ever witnessed.

The breezes kept the wheat shafts in a constant sway and with added swirls, it was like a graceful ballet of sort.   The rainbow colors were being thrown around from the reflections of the wheat head.  Each ear or head of the wheat stalks where the grains are were reflecting the rainbow colors like a prism in sunlight.   It was an amazing field full of all the colors in the rainbow reflecting off each other throwing colors like in a miraculous dance, it was so spiritual, a divine imagery if I ever saw one.

The kids had asked me where the pot of gold was, joking!   I just kept looking, and thinking I cannot believe we have no film left in the cameras (not digital yet!).   I did not take my eyes off the wheat fields, I told them the wheat, the wheat is the gold.  I asked them if they had any idea how many souls that wheat field would feed?  To this day I think about how many souls that wheat field feeds, we have enough to give, no one should go hungry in our world.  Some years are harder than others, but we will make it.  That vision I have held for twenty years this coming August, it is no less vibrant in color than it was that day I stood with my fellowman and family in awe.  We will make it one way or another.  We have faith….

A Hallowed Day in My Peat Bog Hollow


© 2009 ….RaeDi

I went for a walk this morning. The weather was perfect for it, been a long winter. Winters are very hard on this soul. This will be the last one spent here in the Pacific Northwest. It is God’s country, but the cold damp winters are hard on my health. I hope and pray each spring that I get back my losses. I have noticed the past two winters; I have not gained all that was lost so this was the decision maker. My winters will be spent in a dry Southern region. Not for sure where, but what an adventure it will be to find my special spot. 

I love adventure. I always have, I am one not to sit still for long. Each and all of my memories are very cherished and to this point in my life not forgotten. The good, bad and indifferent, the reason, I feel I have learned from each one of them and each one good, bad or indifferent are what makes me ~ me. I am whom I am because of all that which makes up my past. I hope that the good things represent more of who I am and what defines me, and I believe they outbalance the other two. The last I think are what has made me stronger, I am what most would call a survivor of the many obstacles that have been in my life. Some I created or put there, I am relieved to say that the better parts of those were come upon. Nevertheless, I survived. Who knows what is around the corner, but it may just be something that blesses me more than anything I could possibly dream of?

Yes, I need to get back on track….It is a beautiful day. In the 70’s, sunny and the sky, the most beautiful color of blue, what a contrast to the dreary gray we see here from usually September until June, it sure makes one stop and take in the beauty and give thanks to our Maker. When I started out, I was not for sure in which direction I would go. Our mudroom has two doors. One leads to our woods the other to the beach. I decided to take the one headed for the woods. Not sure in which direction I would take, just start walking, listening and watching for anything that would take my attention. This is a norm for me, even if I did plan what and where I was going usually something draws my attention, and I’m off in that direction. 

I call these times when I am out and about with myself, my spiritual time. I let my soul look, feel, smell, and during the right time of season taste all the Lord has given us. I often wonder if others see their world as I see mine. I count all the notes, I hear our feathers friends singing the songs of praise straight from Heaven. Even the plumage these creatures wear is God’s gift to us; you see every color that He created. I think what a gifted God we have, talented in all fields. Can you imagine being able to create these colors with such perfection? From the little Hummingbirds to the Eagles seen often gliding in circles overhead, size does not matter they are each such a beauty and grace in flight. Their notes filling the air, I call it tranquility. It so soothes my spirit.

 I take a few breaks to listen and look. On one such, break a doe and twin fawns appeared ahead. She knows I am here, she also knows not to fear me. The little fellas white spots are still very bright; they cannot be more than a few days old. It so amazes me when I see these little ones how they balance on those wee little ankles.   I give her time and she moves on. I am in awe as I continue my walk, the colors of spring greens so bright, as bright as the sky is blue. 

I have picked a glorious day for a walk. I packed a small picnic to take with me, at this time I am so   thankful I took the time. I will indeed be out in my woods for a good spell.   The fresh air feels so good, I note that I am taking in deep breaths and realizing the refreshing sensation, I feel throughout my body.   It gives this soul pause to think about all that is, and it transcends me once again to be one with spirit. It surpasses anything I can put to words at this point. I just know that my spirit comes alive, and I see things through my Maker eyes. 

I do not bring my camera on these walks. I put my all into seeing and feeling, smelling all that surrounds me. I wish I could share or put to words how amazing this altered states feels, it exceeds all I can describe, it surpasses anything else that I have experienced in my walk on this my life’s journey the Lord has given me. To feel one with nature, a oneness with our Lord, to walk as a spirit, that is what I feel I experience each time I let myself just go deep into without thought really. Just letting my spirit be, consenting a totality, and making available the enter spirit to be the one to think, see and listen, setting no limits or bounds. 

Then I often times wonder if other souls realize what a gift He has given us, when we allow Him just to be, to put everything else to the side, and just be, let Him lead and show us all that is, all that surrounds us. This journey is so exhilarating.   Nothing can you compare it too. I go where not I lead, I am allowed to see and feel things that, for the most part, I feel are sanctioned by our Lord, in letting go, I received so much more than I could even think to ask for. 

I find myself in the lower bog.   I have been told this peat bog is millions of years old. Finn Creek comes through. This is one of our hollows; the Lord has been so good to me. The sun filters through and makes sun streaks everywhere I look, it is so spiritual. I feel the light of our Lord everywhere, reflecting and throwing beams in all directions. I find myself on my cedar tree. This is a special spot for me, since the first time I set eyes on this hollow. My cedar tree has grown into a bent hammock over the creek. Just wide, enough for me to get a relaxing lay on her.   I lay there and I hover, I feel as though I am floating, drifting off to where the Lord wants to take me to show and teach me things that I know of not. I am positioned here on my cedar hammock with the creek surrounding me, I listen to her babble underneath me and on both sides, and it is so soothing. I see every once in a while a small fish come through.   I hear the special notes above me, I look up and see a pair of Bald Eagles circling and with a juvenile,   it is being taught the lessons of life. The thin chittering notes; seem quite weak for such a magnificent bird. I have no idea how long I watched them. 

It amazes me the repertoire of each birds call or songs: from feeding and alarm calls, announcing their presence, or calling their mates to name just a few. The doves are cooing the sound so peaceful, I guess that is why we have the dove and the olive branch. I am honored and privileged that the Western Tanager makes a call. The male with his brilliant red-head, bright yellow body, with the black of its back, wings and tail that is so striking against the bright colors, their mates the females in the what seems to be muted colors of yellow-green in comparison to the males brilliant, intense colors. His colors are used to draw attention away from the nests, her colors, so she blends in.   Their song is strong and carries far, very similar to the Robin. They are so shy; it is a wonderful offering from our Lord to allow me to watch them for an extended period of time.   A Sapsucker has landed on my cedar hammock on the rise, I know he knows I am here, but he has decided to sit a spell and sun himself. I wait in quiet and just watch and take in all his colors from his red-head to his claws.  

I realize I have been gone for a long time, and I am hungry and so thankful for the food I brought. It is a very simple meal of cheese, bread, grapes and a small thermos of hot tea. It was very tasty and satisfying I decided to leave some of each as a gift to my friends who have visited me this consecrated day the Lord has given me. This is a day the Lord has blessed me with, very hallowed grounds in my peat bog hollow, one, I will not forget. I feel as good now as I have felt in a while, and I know my spirit has been recharged.   I will now head home ~ back to reality, until next time….


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