Brisket Panini with Au Jus

by ....RaeDi

On Sunday we had a basic roasted brisket with lots of onions and garlic.  It was delicious.  The decision was made because of Greg and Katherine at Rufus’ Food and Spirits Guide, take at a look at his brisket, how we could not crave brisket after seeing that.  It more than prompted T and me to have brisket something we had not had in a long time.

T did not want to barbecue with the weather being very cold, rainy with a snow and ice pellets mix and I could not blame him.

After said meal T asked if I would make Brisket Panini’s with some of the left over’s.  How could I deny him that, such a simple request… if we are going to have a sandwich/Panini night it is usually on Saturday but nothing is written in blood as to it having to be on Saturday only!

Instead of straining the brisket broth (au jus) I decided to leave all the goodness in and after dipping our Panini’s in… it would make a nice bit of onion-garlic soup… not the normal onion soup but it tasted just as good!

I added some grilled asparagus,  orange  slices and a pickle for good measure along with some corn chips and salsa… it was more than enough for anyone for a quick meal.  We both enjoyed having Panini’s on a weeknight….