In Loving Memory for My Mom… an Iris from My Heart

by ....RaeDi


This little miniature botanical watercolor I had been working on as a surprise for my Mom for this coming Mother’s Day.  She loved the Iris… purple and yellow was her favorite.  She was my biggest fan of my miniature botanical watercolors and always made me feel like I was an artist.  This is for you Mom… from my heart with love.

My Mother passed away on February 10, 2012.  She is no longer in pain and is now in a place far better and more peaceful than what any one of us can conceive.

It was my Mom who I called when I decided to make Blackberry Vinegar or too how did she make this or that.  She would patiently go through the steps precisely on the complete instructions and let you know what she liked or preferred (you would have thought she was coming to dinner…) She would apprise you on this seasoning or a little something of that and the reasons and whys to her likings.  She was a wonderful cook… no one made potato salad like she did.  Her fried chicken could have won blue ribbons at the fair.

She is the one who would walk me through with only words on how to sew something (what a wonderful seamstress she was;) it seemed there was nothing she could not give me understanding on and she always had little remèdes for this or that.   We shared what we were reading and so much more… all said and done with laughter on one level or another… there was nothing we did not talk about.  We both did so much laughing; it made me feel good to hear her laugh… a goal I had for each new day’s phone call.

What are you up to now she would ask… my doings were always for something or someone or just for enjoyment and it was a way to bring her along for the ride so to speak.   It was a way to share my life with her, to get her opinions, I think more than not to make her feel she was still needed and too to let her know that she was still a big part of my life even though we lived over a thousand miles apart.  Nothing will compare to a good long talk with my Mom… a Mom that I dearly loved and too knowing I will miss more than I can imagine….