Kippered Salmon Potato Salad

by ....RaeDi

With having a wonderful supply of Kippered Salmon we have made several dishes that are out of this world with flavor.  The Salmon Potahto (Frittata) was the first dish and was a winner.   This round we (T for now is doing most of the cooking! I direct without much notice!) decided to make a salad with the Kippered Salmon.  We love the combination of salmon, potatoes, onions and add to the mix some hard-boiled eggs.  We threw in some carrots sticks, there was a lone carrot that needed to be used and we knew it would give it some wonderful color.


  •             Two Yukon Potatoes 
  •             Small onion sliced thin
  •             Two hard-boiled Eggs
  •              1 Carrot cut into thick Julienne’s sticks
  •             Kippered Salmon
  •            Small onion sliced thin
  •            Dressing of your choice
  •            Feta Cheese      

T par-boiled the potatoes for about 5-7 minutes and then cut them in half and then into wedges, he then sliced the onion thin.  T put the potatoes and onions on a baking sheet (separately not mixed) and roasted them in a 400˚ oven just until they were done with color.  The onions are off the sheet first they get done a lot faster than the potatoes.   He then steamed the carrot for about 7 minutes and put in an ice bath.  Wanted the carrot sticks just a little crunchy and this adds color to the carrots.

Once we had all the different ingredients ready we put them together on plate.  You can arrange them however you feel.  We did ours in a circle starting with the outside and finishing with putting the kippered salmon in the middle.

T made up a dressing with sour cream and dill, some brown mustard and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.   T liked his with a light Russian dressing.  We will leave this up to you.

The potato wedges with a carrot stick, some salmon and grilled onion were a very good mix… the eggs seem to blend it all together and made this one flavorful salad, what a nice lunch.  We added some grapes and apple wedges on the side.  We really enjoyed this salad a lot….

T’s catch this past fall… female 10 pounds, male 9 pounds

One female – 10 pounds, One Male – 9 pounds (he has more of a hook)