A New Year… A New Beginning

by ....RaeDi

Space Needle, Seattle, WA New Year 2012

New Year… New Beginnings

I cannot believe that another year is all but here… where did the year go? It must have been marching along double time or better.   As the Christmas decorations were being repacked and stored and readied for next year I was thinking about those things that did and did not happen in this year that is coming to a fast close.

What would I like to change about next year, for one slow down time?  Knowing full well that is impossible I thought I would do something I could control… make life easier.   In all that I do and contemplate doing I am going to (try) to think it though and make the most of whatever it could be.

I do not generally make New Year’s resolutions because they somehow get lost in the first weeks of the New Year.  No matter how hard I try to do what I know is best for me… I will never be one to be tied down to resolutions, I can resolve some thing’s so much easier when put to paper, but to put the resolutions into practice in the normal  day-to-day life… it just does not seem to mesh with my lifestyle.   I am more of an in the moment kind of gal.  It is one of those changes for me that came with maturing many new years ago.  I actually liked the change!

I am not one that needs to tell myself to exercise; I love walks and such without much push.  I normally eat a pretty balanced diet… there are times that I get off the path so to speak but a light diet makes me feel good so I am not long derailed so to speak.  I love learning and think I will continue to sponge in as much information as I can… and hope to continue to learn should I live to be a hundred.  I can hope!

What I do need to do is something that I miss terribly.  I love helping those that need help through the food banks and such.  I need to make time available to help where ever I can… I use to spend a great deal of time getting donations for the food bank throughout the community.  Life in general caused for drastic changes in my life some time ago and I had to give up my volunteer time.  But with a little effort I know I can at least put in a couple of hours a month to help in whatever way I can physically to help feed those little mouths.

I wonder how many of us take the time to give a little of ourselves to the need of others.  If you made a list what would you put at the top that you would like to do to serve others… making opportunities in a small way that could possibly make life happier, healthier… making a difference no matter how insignificant (it may seem) in someone’s life.

I would love to hear about the things that each of you do or would like to do to make a difference.  There are so many areas that need volunteers: schools, nursing homes, hospice, hospitals, libraries, food banks and the list seem(s) to be never-ending.

I want to take this time and thank each of you for taking the time to make visits here at my blog and for your comments, they mean a great deal to me… my wish for each and every one of you is for the best of health, happiness and why not add in a little prosperity for this new year of 2012, may it be the best ever….

Space Needle, Seattle, WA New Year 2012