A Christmas Eve Walk… Merry Christmas!

by ....RaeDi

This is the Season of the true Living Spirit… and the little things!  Merry Christmas!

(a little card I made special for you!)

T and I did something that I have not done for a couple of years, walk on Christmas Eve.  Go out and celebrate the season through the doings of others… those sharing with all their Christmas Spirit.   No snow, but we found lots of lights in every color you could possibly imagine.  There are several small communities that surround us here where we live at the tip of the peninsula.  We decided to take a car ride to a couple of them and just enjoy the beauty… we were not the only ones out walking and admiring…

I thought I would share with you some of the evening… not being easy to take photos right now with being one-armed but T more than helped me out.  We had a blast, the wind was blowing (both of these little towns we visited are on the water) thankfully it wasn’t too cold… at first!  With time my fingers were getting numb, but will worth the effort put fort to make the trips.

I hope each of you had a joyous Christmas with all that this season is meant to be, share your spirit and love with those close and far.  Season’s Greetings to all my friends and fellow bloggers.  A very special Merry Christmas to my Mom, my children and theirs… Andrew and Noah,  Jeffrey and Kristina, Justin,  Allison, Richie and little Mason.  I may not have been able to have Christmas with family but you each live in my heart… Merry Christmas to all!  Miss you and I love you more….

Kingston, WA

 Children’s Delight!

Port Gamble, WA

Their homes were beautiful!

So many Snowmen!

Everywhere we looked there were lights!

Even the Post Office was showing its spirit!

One of my favorites place, The General Store!

The enchanting Tea Room…

For the child in all of us!

The business’s were all decked out!

May the season bring you the spirit….