Kippered Salmon ~ Simple, But the Best

by ....RaeDi


T has been busy this fishing season and the other day he did his first smoke of the season.  He decided to do Kippered Salmon first round.  It is also called “baked salmon,” whatever it is called it is my favorite of the smoked fish. 

It is hot-smoked for just a couple of hours and leaves the salmon with a rich smoke flavor and very moist.  The results are the salmon is very flaky, very juicy… similar to baking… but smoked. 

We prefer to not brine or marinate the salmon in any other flavors (soy sauce, teriyaki, brown sugar…) we get it ready and let it air uncovered in refrigerator for 24 hours (air dry method) and then just rub it with a good amount of salt, refrigerate for no more than an hour.  T rubs all salt off and makes trays for each piece of salmon and sprays oil on each before putting salmon in tray.  The salmon is then placed in the smoker and cooked for about three hours in hot heat, he uses alder wood.  We will put fresh ground black pepper on a few of the pieces before going into the smoker.  Very simple, but the taste and aroma are out of this world….