Rye Toasting Bread with Cherries, Apricots and Sunflower Seeds

by ....RaeDi


A while back, before the cherry season… I’m bad just getting this posted…  I was “Goggling” for a rye bread recipe.  I wanted one that had an added zest to it, some added character so to speak.  I wanted something that would be a little different than the usual morning toast.  I found it!

What a surprise when I came across this recipe.  I knew immediately that this was the recipe I was looking for and I would make it this afternoon.  The recipe called for Pumpkin Seeds of which I had none so I substituted with Sunflower Seeds which to me were perfect.  It called just for the dried cherries and I used tart dried cherries and added some dried apricots to the mix.

Many (light years) years ago you could not get me to even try fruit bread.  I thought it was one of the most disgusting things one could eat.  Besides, with all the wonderful cakes out there why would anyone want to make a cake with dried fruits?  (although I did love Pineapple Upside Down Cake.) Time can sure change one’s mind and transform the taste buds, I am thankful for that.   I would have missed out on a lot of wonderful foods that I now savor to the fullest.

I remember when I was just 19 years old I had went to a family reunion and as you entered into the auditorium they gave a ticket to each person announcing there was going to be a drawing later in the evening.   This being a Christmas family reunion I wondered what the door prize would be.

A couple of hours later the numbers were read off and I was holding the winning ticket.  As I approached the podium to collect my prize I watched in horror as they took a giant tin out of a bag and the next thing I knew they were handing it to me.   I felt like I was in a dream and going in slow motion.  I remember telling myself just keep smiling and be sure to thank them for the prize.

As I took hold of this tin, it seemed very heavy and this is no untruth it was at least a foot in diameter and six plus inches high, it was a huge tin, bigger than any tin I had (or have seen to date) seen… and in it… a colossal sized fruitcake.   What in the world was I suppose to do with this, if I had just kind of left it on a table everyone would know who it belonged to.  I too figured that someone would no doubt let me know I had forgotten the fruitcake and hand it over to m e as I was leaving.  So I just kept smiling and thanking them for the wonderful (what my mind was thinking…  was what a strange, abnormal, bizarre) prize (to me at the time.)

What did I do with this fruitcake, it was heavy enough to use  as a doorstop, but several folks talked about how much they loved fruitcake and hoped I would share a slice of it with them and I decided to give it to them so they could enjoy as much of it as they wanted.  You would have thought I handed them a million dollars.

They did what I should have thought to do, had I not been in shock maybe it would have come to mind.  They asked for a platter and knife and fed it to those in the crowd that wanted some fruitcake.  I was surprised I think I was the only one there that did not want a slice.  (I made an excuse that I was full, I had eaten too much earlier!)  I noticed it fed everyone who wanted and desired the fruit bread and then some (I said it was huge!) There was not a crumb left by end of evening.

My, my, my how things have changed with time, I too remember I did not like the taste of rye bread back then either.  You’ve come a long way girl.….

Serve sliced very thin and toasted.  I made a special butter compound: Whipped Molasses Butter.

Whipped Molasses Butter


  • ½ cup butter
  • 1∕8  cup molasses

Put butter in mixer bowl and whip until airy, a few minutes. You may want to start off adding a teaspoon or tablespoon at a time of the molasses.  It gets really rich quick with too much added.  Once you have added the amount of molasses whip an additional few minutes, it will lighten some in color and looked very whipped.  Put in bowl and then refrigerator until ready to use.

We will be having this Rye Bread toasted with the whipped molasses butter, baked eggs and homemade sage sausage patties.  Cannot wait to give it a try, to me a good mix with sausage is maple syrup so I think pairing molasses with fruit and the sage sausage you cannot go wrong. We’ll see….

The bread was delicious, totally different from any rye bread I had ever had.  The closest thing to it ~ I love toasted rye or pumpernickel with a little dollop of cream cheese and with a small teaspoon of my favorite blackberry jam.  This has been a favorite of mine since forever.

Now after having had this fruited rye bread I am going to make it equal in taste and as enchanting and enjoyable to the taste buds as my old favorite.  I will relish them both on occasion.  It is nice to have alternatives for breakfast, this surpasses the Bagel with Cream Cheese and the English Muffin with cherry or strawberry preserves’ all of which are good standbys, but I will reserve the scone with butter and raspberry preserves to my chosen list of favorites.  Come to think of it there is nothing usual about any one of my favorites.  Each and all are not only sumptuous but are healthy too.

I agree with Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan at the kitchen  that this bread is better toasted.  It lasted all of a few days here.  But we did have it with an afternoon tea too!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I too love starting my day with not only flavors that are far from normal, but I love to savor my first meal of the day with a cup of hot tea and with a combination of this Rye Cherry Toast and a hot cup tea it is heaven.

The recipe and directions can be found at Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan website.  You can make it as she has done or like me and make any substitutes you can dream up.  I am sure each would be as delicious as the other….

For breakfast the next morning we had toasted rye-cherry bread and had some with our baked eggs and homeblend sage sausage… what a nice mix, I will be posting soon, if you would like it beforehand let me know ….