LORINA BLOOD ORANGE Sparkling French Soda with Fruit

by ....RaeDi

I discovered a few years ago some very special soda which happens to be produced in France, there are several flavors and my favorite is the all natural flavor of the Blood Orange.  The flavor isn’t the only thing special about this soda… a very special ‘sparkle’ is added to the mix and makes this soda over the top.    Have you discovered this soda?  If so, what is your favorite flavor?  What do you do with the empty bottle… it is a good re-useable bottle with a snap ring bottle top.  I make flavored olive oils to store in my empties.

I cannot partake in drinking alcohol of any kind because of health.  The thing I miss the most is a nice spot of Port.  Usually I will have a glass of sparkling apple cider or something similar, I add these sodas to that list.  It is nice to have something a little different in those times when you would normally have a glass of wine or my favorite port.  I too love a tall glass of iced tea, tea with lemon, sometimes tea with sugar sometimes not.  Iced water with a little bit of fruit juice straight from the juice is good too and very refreshing.   Not the same… but it is a nice change!

This afternoon the temps finally broke above the 80˚ mark.  I love, love, loved it.  It felt so good.  After having taken a short walk and taking a couple dozen pictures I was ready to sit down and just relax and have a nice refreshing cold drink.  The first thing I thought of was the French Premium Soda that I love so much and I had some of the fresh fruit salad pieces left and I could add them to the drink.  I too had put the left over white and red grapes in the freezer and they would be good added to this drink.   I knew beforehand this would definitely hit the spot.

I had some cubed watermelon and cantaloupe left from a fresh fruit salad I made and too a few freshly pitted cherry I could use along with several fresh strawberries that I could slice and add too some of the frozen grapes.  This would be a wonderful mix.

The soda was ice-cold.  In a pitcher I put ice in the compartment that sits in the middle of the pitcher.  I then put a little ice in the bottom of the pitcher and added some of the fresh fruit.  I added a few Lemon Thyme leaves and a few slices of cucumber and apple.   I added one bottle of the Sparkling Blood Soda.   I made this ahead of finishing things for the drink so it could blend and mellow together.  I then made fruit kabobs using 6 ½ inch food picks.

I put a little crushed ice in the goblets and threw in a few pieced of fresh fruit and some frozen grapes.  I placed one of the fruit kabob in each goblet and poured the iced soda ¾ of the way up.

These were delicious and so refreshing.  It made the perfect add to a beautiful day.  It was wonderful laying in the chase doing nothing more than watching the robins comings and goings while feeding their young.   They will be out of the nest any day now.  The hummers are always so much fun to watch and today they were no less dynamic, always full of life. One of these days I will have to share an excerpt from a little book I wrote called, Midnight Nectar, a wonderful semi-long story-poem about the character and the in and outs of (a) hummingbirds daily life.  Added is lots of information about the hummers from migration, plants they love and water features just to name a few.

It was a very relaxing late afternoon and the fruit drink was the perfect add….