The Littlest of Nests

by ....RaeDi

Calliope Picture Used with permission – © Wolfgang Wander
Taken In Yukon National

The Littlest of Nests

© 2008….RaeDi

The sun was out and it called to me.

I grabbed my sunglasses, blanket, and tall glass of ice tea.

I collected my two books, a drawing pad, and had camera in hand.

I arrived at the hammock placed under the Apple Trees.

I settled my drink and ample reading material with my paper and inks.

The table was just the right size for all of my needs.

I situated the blanket in the hammock just so.

Thank goodness, I had remembered to bring my small pillow.

It took less than a few minutes for all to be just right.

Once settled, I lay there listening to all of nature calls, a symphony being sung

it almost lulled me to sleep.

I stopped to listen what had I just heard.

Again, I heard to my delight.

I followed the smallest of notes to where they were coming from.

I spotted the nest up in the Crabapple Tree.

A mother hummingbird was feeding her young.

I could see all three.

There in the branches was the littlest of nests.

The Calliope is the smallest of hummingbirds to visit the Northwest.

The faint series of their light chip notes.

Their songs and the site of the lichen-moss nest,

sitting tightly between the two limbs of this small ornamental tree.

Hugging the trunk of this tree, shelter she had found for her small family.

I lay back in my hammock thinking what a great day.

The sun still shining I closed my eyes and listened to the

music in my backyard, it was all there for me.

Everything I could want and everything I would need.

Tried as hard as I could to get a picture of this nest with the little hummers… it was not to be the Crabapple is on a steep slope and between that and so many other obstacles’ I just could not get a picture.  If I continued I probably would have broken a hip.  A wonderful photographer, Wolfgang Wander has given me permission to use this picture he took of a Calliopes’ in nest.

This poem came about as I was indeed settling into the hammock there under the apple trees on a beautiful sunny wonderful afternoon.  I thought I would read some, maybe do some sketching and might get a chance of taking a picture of nature.  The words came to me all at once when hearing the little winged ones and then spotting them.  I immediately started writing the poem down when I returned to the hammock.  Sometimes the best words are the ones that are just there….