In My Absence

by ....RaeDi


I have been absent for a couple of weeks now.  It has been a good couple of weeks; I have taken a vacation from extreme pain that has been muted just a bit from a new pain medication.   One that does not change my personality, for some a personality change in me might be good, but for me I like living as natural as possible.

The new pain meds did not come without any strings attached; I have been diagnosed with a rare condition and with it come added chronic acute pain, as if the other pain were not enough (I wonder is this how Job felt, just so you know I do not question the whys, I just try to live my life as normal as possible.)  However with the new med patches for the pain some things have changed a little for me and have added a little extra excitement to my life.  As most with pain would attest it is nice to have any relief no matter how little the let off is.

It is a true blessing in disguise, if that can be?  But it has allowed me to do a few things that I love.  Pain can take a lot of one’s energy… I put the new blessing to work for me in an entertaining way.  Lots of walks, taking pictures lots of pictures… they will follow, I have lots of Photoshop work to do and just have not taken the time to do so (normally I Photoshop all my pictures as they are downloaded… I learned years ago putting it off is a mess and that I might not get to all of the shots.)  For right now… I want to go with the sun and have some fun.

So sitting at my computer has been put on the back burner for now so to speak.   I have still been doing my foodie and writing stuff… I actually have several new recipes and have gotten some wonderful shots and I even have most of the posts ready to be posted, it’s just taking the time to do so.  I will be uploading in batches I think, hopefully starting today.

You know when you are put in the position that I have been in for what seems a life time it is such a wonderful reprieve (from pain) and it opens so many doors that have been shut for a long time.  Yes I have to be careful to not overdue and I have to say I am doing a pretty good job of it.  I have had my moments that I have lagged behind and have re-experienced the heavy feeling of my body bogging me down (doing and trying to do too much,) but just enough to remind me to take a careful balance in what I am doing.  It does not take much of a hint; I could have used this self-knowledge of do’s and don’ts a long time ago!  I will admit I am stubborn headed (nothing was going to slow me down or keep me from doing what I wanted) and I could have saved myself a lot of grief along the way in my life.  But… it is never too early or late to learn…

I do read my emails each morning and have enjoyed all the posts that I follow; I will be commenting soon… there so many new things you all have shared and I love letting you know what they mean to me.  I know what it means to hear from those souls that take the time to visit, read and then comment.  It tells each of us that what we are doing is appreciated and too I find I learn so much in each of your comments and I know you do too in return.

Male Rufus Hummingbird – Showing His Colors

One thing I learned a long time ago in facing pain and illness, to try my best to look past it and find all the blessings in my life.  Those blessings are what keep me going, they give me the strength and peace I need, that we all need, to live each day to the fullest, no matter what obstruction (and we all have them)  that is put before each one of us.

Red Berry Elder Berries – One of the birds favorites!

I count each of my readers as a true blessing, major blessings, in my life.  It does not matter if you are a regular visitor, an anonymous reader or one that comments sharing your insight, giving each of us a smile, making us think or giving us a jolly laugh… who could have known the wonderful friendships one could make from sharing some words, recipes, and photos…  In many ways this blog has changed much in my life… it has made me a better soul, opened my eyes… dared me to look and to share, it has given me the strength needed to let others read my words and your reciprocation in return can never be measured… with it comes true understanding… yours.   Hope you enjoy these pictures!

I’ll be back soon and one of these days I will be up to date, I hope each of your summers are going as good as mine, if so none of us could ask for anything more…   Give me lots of sun and fun….