Fireworks on July 4th, 2011

by ....RaeDi

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Happy Independence Day

Did everyone get enough to eat?  I know I ate too much and will probably pay for it for a couple of days.  I do not think I will have an appetite for the next week!  That is what holidays are about and I do a holiday really good!

Today we our celebrated our Nations Independence Day and it was a festive occasion and it was topped off with sun… yes I said sun.  We needed our sunglasses! WooHoo! We always say we here in the Northwest do not have summer until July 4th.  Will that day came today and brought with it the sun and I am hoping it brought it along for the whole summer!  I would love to make up for the year without summer, being last year.

This evening we got to sit out on our master bedroom balcony and watch fireworks that were put on display at our neighbors’ house.  You know we cannot see the neighbor house, for that matter we cannot see any of our neighbors houses from any one piece of our properties.  Trees, trees, trees, but Washington is the Evergreen State and so there are trees everywhere.  It is a good place to play hide n seek or get loss (lots of people have.)  The fireworks had to get high enough so we could see them above the tree line.  That is pretty high with all the trees that grow here, and with the majority of them (are not old growth) have been growing since the early 1900’s.  So they have had a long spell to mature.  The long and short… the reason we were up on the master suite balcony, it the highest point in our house and sits with a perfect view of the fireworks show!

I was able to get a couple of pictures taken during the stunning light show this evening from the balcony.  My pictures do not give the fireworks justice, I have to face the truth, they would do nothing justice.  I closed my ISO to 100 and got everything where it should be, put camera on camera pole (name escapes me and it could be days before I find the right name! the pole with three legs.)  So you know I finally remembered it is called a camera tripod stand, I am lucky I finally found it in my memory!   I had everything ready deck side and was waiting for the show to start.

Boy did it ever, one of the best light shows I have seen in a while.  Our neighbor loves the 4th of July, he does everything you can think of and even all the things you cannot think of to do on Independence Day, for him it is Independence Day for a full week.  His wife says this is his holiday and he puts everything into it.  I know he does, they are such a nice couple.  Busy, busy, busy they wear me out just thinking about it.

 I missed so many good shots and the ones I took; I wonder if I moved the camera just a tiny bit while taking some of the pictures.  I tried to keep the camera as still as possible.  You may be thinking why did I not put it on AUTO, then the shutter speed is too fast because of the black of night and the light of the fireworks.  Besides I would have had to come back into the house, go down two flights of stairs and read my book telling me how to reverse what I had done.  What I am saying is that I cannot remember some things (directions and such) and have to review what I have done repeatedly, not only with camera directions but most things.  One day I will remember everything the next day is like I know nothing, makes life interesting.  By that time the light show would have been over.  So I just pointed, click, turned off, turned back on, click… I know blah, blah blah!

I’ll try again next year.  But, I am posting a couple of the pictures (embarrassed – feeling just a little inept! I think I need to get some picture taking lessons when I am taking my cake decorating classes) so you will get an idea of the kind of show I watched, the real deal (not the pictures I took!) was so much better….