Basic Roasted Brick Chicken with Attitude (Sass)

by ....RaeDi

She is Smoking!

This chicken from the beginning had bad attitude and no tail.  Try as I might to tuck her wings under, she would not let me.  Her body language told me, “Don’t go there girl!”

I knew I had to show this ‘chick(en)’ who the boss was… that would be me.  I gave her a good bath and cut out her spine, she was gutless and spineless and still… nothing weak~willed about this chick(en), she would not budge.  I massaged her with a little garlic olive oil thinking that would calm her down and loosen her up some, nope!  Still the wings, just would not relax enough for me to tuck them under.

I told her it was the high fashion, still ‘no go!’

She had sass and was talking back (her body language) to me… “Oh… no you don’t!”

In the end she won.  She could leave her wings free; her body language was now saying, “What’s for dinner?”

I was ‘dressing her’ and she thought she was going to be ‘the guest’  at dinner, well in a way she was going to be the main focus… focal point so to speak of the dinner, I am not telling her that she would be the main… course.  She’ll find out soon enough!

The brick chicken is my all time favorite way to roast chicken; Thomas Keller’s Basic Roasting Chicken (recipe and one for Lemon Tart that is delicious) comes in a close second.  The chicken is roasted to perfection on the outside and the meat is so moist and is full of so much flavor.   I too like roasted chicken night because it is so simple, as simple as you want it to be.

I too am a fan of roasted potatoes especially the Yukon Gold Potatoes.  The simple green bean will be the other side.  It would be an easy, uncomplicated weekday dinner, not too much work and very little mess to clean up.  The left over’s are always welcome and I know what I will be doing with them, a wonderful all in one salad tomorrow evening.

Once I had the back bone cut out and had her well washed in cold tap water and patted down dry I laid the chicken flat with chicken breasts facing up I then pushed down on breast bone so the chicken was flat to the surface.   I then rubbed it with garlic oil that I made a few hours earlier. I crushed several cloves of garlic and put in about ¼ cup of olive oil and let the mix marinate for several hours.  Once I had the chicken rubbed all over with the oil I put fresh ground black pepper and some flakey sea salt (to your taste) on all sides of the bird.  While the oven is heating to 425˚ I just let her sit on the counter.

This chicken is simple to make, I could have rubbed it down with sage, or put sage leaves under the skin, used thyme or rosemary, but tonight I wanted a basic simple unadorned roasted chicken with a slight garlic flavor with fresh ground pepper and sea salt.    A simple roasted chicken that would be minimal work in a short amount of time and quick cleanup, and that she was.

I baked her at 425˚ for about 15-20 minutes then turn the heat down to 385˚ for about 30 minutes, when her juices were clear I knew she was done, but to make sure I took her temp with the meat thermometer.  All chicken should be cooked to a safe minimum internal temp of 165˚, use a meat thermometer to check for chicken temp and do cook the chicken until it reaches the 165˚.

Another thing, please wash your hands good anytime you touch raw meat before you handle anything. That means wash hands before picking up the pepper grinder, or putting your hands on the timer to set the temp, or putting fingers in the salt bowl.  Wash not only your hands but anything that has come in contact with the raw meat.  I have seen people, many souls over time that do not think to wash their hands before touching, what seems to me, everything in the kitchen… with raw meat juices on their hands. It is a big no no and can make people really sick and they could even die from some of the bacteria that come with un-cooked meats.  I treat all meats equally, it does not matter the species or whether it is ground up or not, I feel it is better to be safe than sorry.

The potatoes were easy a quick rub with a ‘little’ garlic oil I made earlier, and then sprinkled with fresh ground pepper, sea salt and some parsley.  I baked the potatoes too at 425˚ for about 10-15 minutes then I stirred and turned the heat down to 385˚ and cooked until tender.  I kept an eye on them and stirred them one more time.  Be sure to check your potatoes often so they do not burn.  They always come out golden brown on the outside and moist and flakey on the inside, so worth the little extra effort in stirring them a couple of times.

The green beans were easy a quick steam (around twenty minutes) and then drizzle with a little melted butter or olive oil on them and that it is, anyone that wants anything more can add it themselves.

A very simple full of flavor dinner… the cleanup was just minutes long.  This little chick(en) was very delicious and moist.  I note that she still look like she was sassing me when I got her out of the oven.

Boy was she good….

Speaking of good, I made some deviled eggs (they were eaten before I could get the pictures, next time) and they were out of this world, I had never thought to put horseradish in them it was just the right flavor.  They were part of the dinner but they ended up being the before dinner treat!  So glad that they were a hit!  I got the recipe from Rufus: Devilishly Simple Deviled Eggs ~ do take some time to go by and take a look; he has some wonderful recipes and is such a nice chap, let him know I sent you….