The Feel of Summer and Grilled Rib-Eye Steaks

by ....RaeDi

Yesterday was a very rare day; we had sun from sunup to sundown.  There was not a cloud in the sky, and it was the bluest of blues.  What a wonderful day it was and it isn’t even July 4th when our summers usually start.  It was close to 80˚ and a day full of sun, beautiful, rare sun.

It makes one realize what a true blessing good weather is.  It changes the attitude of everyone, even the animals.  I will admit… I spent most of the day outside doing very little.  I was just enjoying the weather conditions that we had not seen for a very long spell.  Too, the weather report is that it will last only a couple of days.  I am going to look at this as the glass being half full and enjoy each minute that we have the sun.

We decided early on to have a barbecue.  Rib-Eye Steak, they are delicious and extremely easy to grill.  The aroma they put off while grilling is incredible.  It had been a while since I have had grilled steak.

The number of times I eat red meat (not including buffalo, very lean) a year could easily be counted on my fingers if that many.  Every once in a while it is nice to have a steak, or for me a very rare (infrequent) Angus beef hamburger.  Generally speaking if I am eating red meat it is buffalo, it is so much tastier than beef and healthier.  I do manage to cook at least one brisket in a years’ time and they have several meals per with so many various ways I can serve it, roasted, pulled, with red beans and the list could go on.

I was raised in the Midwest and the beef flavor is completely different from in other parts of the country, so is chicken.  When we first moved to the east coast nothing compared to the beef from the stockyards of Kansas City and Chicago.  Those that had not had beef from the Midwest had no idea what I was saying and those that had would collectively agree. They knew what I spoke of.  Now the little beef I do cook is organic, and Oregon grass-fed beef, it is really good.

Having not eaten much steak and beef (heavy on the stomach) I knew that the rest of the meal would have to be light.  I decided on roasted Yukon Gold Potatoes and a salad, it was just the right balance and too I had them on hand and would not need to get them at the market.

Here is how we grilled our Rib-Eye Steak:


  • 2 Rib Eye Steaks
  • A Couple Tablespoons or so of Olive Oil
  • One Large Garlic Clove
  • Onion Salt to Taste
  • Sea Salt to Taste
  • Ground Black Pepper to Taste
  • Thyme to Taste


Earlier I had diced the garlic clove up and put in it in a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and let it marinate for a couple of hours. 

 I placed the two Rib-Eye Steaks in a shallow pan.   I took the garlic olive oil mix and rubbed on all sides of the steaks.  I then sprinkled a little onion powder, sea salt, ground pepper and thyme on both sides of the steak and pressed them into the meat.  I marinated the seasoned steaks for a couple of hours, turned them over half-way through.  .

 The potatoes I misted with olive oil and sprinkled a little sea salt, with some fresh ground black pepper and chopped parsley.   I roasted at 425˚ for 20 minutes; I stirred them once half way through.  I turned down the heat to 375˚ and finished cooking them, each oven is different, so you will have to watch yours and be sure to stir at least once.

When the potatoes had about twenty minutes left we put the steaks on the grill and seared well and turned, we cooked them to our desired doneness

The steaks were sooo tender, very juicy and full of flavor.   I could not finish my steak will probably use it in a salad or beef stir-fry.   It will be just a matter of slicing and heating it to temperature. I enjoyed every bite at least what I could eat of it.  The potatoes were scrumptious and the fresh salad was the perfect side dish.  We had our dinner outside and enjoyed the sun, the weather was perfect and the food was luscious and a perfect pairing with the weather….