A Quiet Remembrance Day ~ and too A Realized Touch

by ....RaeDi

I cannot believe it is Tuesday after the Memorial Day Weekend, where did the time go? We had a nice quite Memorial Day.  It rained off and on, however when the sun was out it felt soothing to the soul and gave us some warmth for those small stretches of time.  As I get older I find I like holidays in several ways those that are festive and celebrated with family and friends.  The more the merrier.  I too enjoy the holidays that are quiet and gives one time to think about the past, present and future.  It too gives one time to observe those things going on around oneself that we don’t normally take the time to enjoy.

After all Memorial Day is a Day of Remembrance of all that have come and gone in time and in one’s life.  As a child we would see the Memorial Day Parade and watch the veterans march down Main Street.  It always made me feel so good for our country, but it too made me think about all those who were lost in war.   It is a Day of Remembrance… for those that served, for those that gave the highest honor (death) and too for those who live(ed) with physical and mental loss from war.   Remembrance of the Veterans, it too is known as Poppy Day.  I cannot remember the last time I did not buy a Red Poppy from a Veteran.  Support our Veterans buy a poppy.  I have written a short about a dear friend and veteran Bill,   I would love it if you took the time to read about him, he is just one of the millions of veterans with a story.  I hold each and every Veteran to the highest regards and honor as we all should.

I wonder how many other souls save those poppies, like I do.  They are on the mirror in the car for a while, then for some reason I have always kept them in an old boot box with other memorabilia from times past.   I have called this box My Remembrance Box for years.  It is a box full of collecting(s) from my adult lifetime.  A little bit of this and a little bit of that.   It holds lots of memories in one form or another of the people, places and things (objects of my experiences) that have been a part of my life, and too letters and such that bring remembrance to those souls in my life that have passed on.    I have kept this boot box now for too many years to count.   Any time I open My Remembrance Box it takes me back in time and back to some wonderful memories.

I had gotten my boot box out and dusted it off the Saturday before Memorial Day.  I wanted to go through it, I had been thinking about a couple of trips and I had remembered that I had some small treasures in the box and just wanted to take a little time to re-examine.

Then yesterday, Memorial Day I had taken a little time early on to read a few blogs that caught my eye.  One such blog was a revisit, and something there reminded me of my Remembrance Box.  She had an excerpt from a book called ‘Remembrance of Things Past,’ by Marcel Proust.   It gave my memory a small nudge about my boot box… my Remembrance Box that I had just went through on Saturday.   It is something how things connect so easily sometimes.

Genn at Sweet Decadenze  has an excerpt from ‘Remembrance of Things Past’ by Marcel Proust.   This excerpt is about how a cup of tea and the “squat, plump little cakes called petites madeleines” (…which brought about comfort and then wanting to find the trigger of a remembrance from the past.)   “An exquisite pleasure had invaded my senses, something isolated, detached, with no suggestion of its origin…”   His words bring to mind trying to find the trigger(s) that one needs, and knows is there to remember a thought, what you said, or even a connection.

When going through my box of remembering… I went through the few handouts from Memorial Services of family and friends from my past that I had kept.  Going through them was like paying a visit to each one; it brought to mind all the love ones that have passed on in my lifetime and the wonderful memories that we had shared.

The one thing I want to leave my family and friends are good memories, nothing else just good memories.  Memories full of love, of laughter and too I hope something I have said, or did or wrote that they would want to share or live their life by even if in a small way.   A realized touch,’ one that touches their soul, a small understanding, or maybe they would become conscious of those around them before self, something that might nudge them to recognize what I had meant, maybe they will pass it on, make it real… keep that memory alive in one way or another by setting examples as they live their own lives.   May just one example of what I have lived, said or wrote be good enough to be cherished and passed on through those souls in my life… ‘a realized touch.’

Memorial Day or Remembrance Day has changed since I was young.  I remember the day before getting all the food for the Memorial Day Family Picnic ready and too getting the wreaths ready for the graves of our loves one.  On Memorial Day we would visit family graves and place a wreath  on each grave,  it was a time for remembering, a time for sharing who they were and what they stood for, conversation too brought about good laughs about one thing or another.

When we had a picnic; usually we would go to a big state park after the visitation at the cemetery.   I loved going to the General John J. Pershing State Park  in Laclede, Missouri.   Pershing’s Boyhood Home was just a few miles from where I grew up, I remember as a young girl playing hide and seek and using his front porch. We had a garden right next to his home.   I doubt if you could play on his porch now!  Second would be the Mark Twain Lake State Park  near Mark Twain’s boyhood  home in Hannibal, Missouri and the Mississippi River.  I remember the Becky Thatcher House and Huckleberry Finn House and the white picket fence from the Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.   It is a wonderful little vacation place… lots to do.

We found a wonderful little stream one year at the Mark Twain State Park and had our picnic there.  We had our own adventure we took our shoes off and played in the stream, the water was freezing, and the bed was covered in all river rocks. Worn smooth from the waters currents and flow since the beginning of time (for the water way anyway!)  This is just one of those remembrances’ from one’s past.   I did not realize that day that this would be one of those memories that I would not forget, I was making a lifetime memory that day without even knowing it.  I can still feel the cold water, the rocks felt so good as they massaged our feet as we walked on them and I can still hear our laughter.  Picnic, Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer, cold water with current and river rocks are usually the triggers in bringing this memory to mind.

I hope each of you and yours had a wonderful Memorial Weekend.

I wanted to share what came into our lives yesterday.  A surprise visitor!  I was sitting out back and a little fawn came into the yard.  It saw me about the same time as I saw it.  It just stood there looking at me.   It was studying me as much as I was studying it.  I might be the first two-footer this little one has seen.  Wouldn’t that be something!  Then its Momma made her presence known.  The little one started nursing and I felt so blessed to be able to observe nature up close and personal.

I took notice that the fawn was so new to life,  it was all legs it did not know how or where to put it legs, at one point I thought it was going to put the right front leg over its neck.  It walked up to some bushes and then did not know how to turn around or to back up, it took a while for it to finally, gradually turn away from the bush.  I noticed too that the eyes had a blue cast to them, you can see it in some of the pictures.

I actually had my camera beside me and got a few pictures.  I had hoped the whole time I was taking pictures it would not spook them.  We want them to feel free and relaxed anytime they want to come and visit.  We do not tame them in anyway, we never give them food… they need to stay wild for their own good.

But it sure is nice when nature shares these special little moments with me, one I am sure I will not forget anytime soon.  A very nice add to a very quite Remembrance Day….