A Short Visit with Gus

by ....RaeDi

A Short Visit with Gus

A while back I was sitting out on my back deck watching spring come back to life.  Then I noticed a movement out the corner of my eye.  I sat very still and what a surprise, it was Gus, I had not seen him in a while and had wondered what he was up to and if he was okay.  These little visits I realize will one day come to an end.   I am really surprised to see him on this day.  Normally once the buck leaves his mother that is it.  But Gus and his Momma had such a wonderful relationship.

I am very thankful to get this minute of time with him.  He is taking his time in the apple trees… one of his and his Momma’s favorite places to just get away and relax.  Will wonders never cease, I did have my camera next to me on this day and I even got a couple of pictures of Gus without scaring him off.   It amazes me that he has not bolted, I know he knows I am here and I too know he hears my camera. I would love to take some more pictures, but I will take just what I need and hopefully he will make another visit sometime this summer.       

He has grown a lot and his antlers are coming in and look like they could be sizable this year.  Last year they had forked.  I feel blessed to have gotten the chance to see him again and too I wonder if I will see him again in the future….

Gus In the Shadows of the Apple Trees