Time and Again Apple Blossoms

by ....RaeDi

Time and Again Apple Blossoms

Certain fragrances bring to the forefront instant memories of times past in my life. One being the fragrance of apple blossoms that can take me back to New England when I lived there in the early eighties. Such beauty the apple trees everywhere in full blossom was a sight to behold, the fragrance was amazing, it filled the air in all places. You wanted time to stand still the aroma lulled you into a tranquil state.

In the south when I lived in Charleston, SC there were the peach blossoms.  I too made visits to Georgia the peach state as often as I could, the peach blossoms beauty and fragrance no less than the apple or cherry blossoms.  If you ever go to Georgia you will find there are many Peach Streets…Avenues, Boulevards’, Roads, thoroughfares with the name Peach in it.  Do not let them confuse you.

Cherries blossoms take me to my many memories made in our countries capitol, Washington DC. The delicate scent and the beautiful pink blossoms draw you in a dream like state. Many people journey to DC each spring just to take pictures of the cherry blossoms. I cannot blame them, it is a sight to behold, the beauty pronounced everywhere you look. I recommend to those that have never visited our countries capitol go and visit during the Cherry Blossom Festival … finding a parking space is not an easy task and the price of everything is above average but the trip is well worth it. I myself have been no less than half a dozen times. I would go again if given the chance.

Our apple and plum trees are in full bloom. Stepping outside the fragrance over takes everything, I stop and walk amongst the trees looking at how breathtaking the blossoms are both in delicate beauty and fragrance. I take the time to see the minute detail in each blossom, how delicate the pinks and white blends with the yellow stamens’ each element making the whole, the pure refinement of nature’s splendor.

Walking amongst the blossomed trees takes me on more than one adventure in my memories of time….