Hummer’s Critique Corner~GE Profile Range and Cookware

by ....RaeDi

Critique Corner ~ Changes Need Be

GE Profile Appliances’ and Cookware 

Critique Corner: 


    • GE Profile Appliances’
    • Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Stainless Cookware versus All-Clad
    • All-Clad Nonstick Double Burner Grill Pan
    • All-Clad Panini Maker Grill Pan with Press
    • Le Creuset Stainless-Steel Measuring Pans ~ 2 and 3 cup

I had noticed the past year that the kitchen range was starting to show signs of change.  The oven was not always the correct temperature, it made for extra work checking all the time to make sure the food did not burn and that it was cooking uniformly.  In addition, the cast iron burners were starting to act up.  With time, all became more noticeable.   I had several decisions to make.  Did I want to call in a repair-person to fix the range or did I want to replace her.

Many things went into this decision.  I loved this range.  She had given me many years of good service.  I could always count on her; the cast iron burners were wonderful.  Her temperatures were to the degree.  No one who saw my stove had seen one like her before.  At the time when she was bought, most people did not have black and stainless steel in their kitchens.  She was unusual and was always reliable.   However here recently, with the burners, oven and add the timer now all going, the time had come to replace her.

It had gotten to the point that I stated to put in a lot time comparing all the different types of stoves and such.  I wanted a gas cook top and convection wall ovens.   The option of gas was off the table, where I live it could be available, but living down a very long lane put the costs too high to have installed.  So it would be electric.  One choice made, the next was which electric cook top and wall ovens.  It did not take long to know that with the design of my kitchen it would be impossible without a complete kitchen remodel.  That having the wall ovens I had always wanted was out of the question.  This is soon to be just a summer home leaving the only decision was to stay with an electric range type stove, but which one.

I knew I wanted the top to be ceramic.  Two, I knew I also wanted double self-clean ovens.  Three, I wanted the main oven to be convection.   The list was now getting shorter.  There were a couple of high-end ranges I really liked but that were just over the top for use as a summer range only.

I had to make a decision soon.   Suddenly the stove was giving her last signs of life.  I had only two of the four burners that worked and one was only a partial use. If you needed to simmer something, it was perfect.  I had stopped using the oven a couple of weeks ago; the temperatures were off too much to bake anything.   Then one day the timer just started going off, the only way I could stop it was to go to the electrical box and turn off the powder to the range altogether.  I was starting to think that ‘Hal’ from 2001: A Space Odyssey was living with me and my name had changed to ‘Dave.’  I tried to take off the back and see if I could pull the plug so to speak on the timer, after about an hour of work I knew it was not going to happen.   The stove was wired directly, if it had not been I would have had to move it out from the wall and unplug it when not in use.  I finally decided that I had the better end of the deal just flipping the switch at the box to turn her off and on.   It was becoming not only a joke, but annoying to say the least.   Hearing the timer going off the whole time I tried to cook something was becoming very irritating to say the least.   It did make life interesting!

After months of deliberating and making decisions, I finally had the stove picked out.  I had decided on the GE Profile Double Oven Range.  She would have self-clean ovens, the larger oven was convection, and her top would be ceramic with five burners, two being a bridge.  I was getting her in stainless steel.  The only problem I had was it could not be delivered until next week.  Therefore, I had one more week of flipping the switch.

The day she was delivered, I was like a kid who had waited for Christmas Day.  They could not get her here fast enough and I tried my best to stay out of the way while they installed her.  She shined so; it reminded me of her predecessor years ago (stainless and black and very shiny.)   She would be the perfect fit for the kitchen and hopefully for as many years as the one she replaced.

I give the GE Profile Range with Dual Ovens  with main convection oven a full rating of 5 (+) Hummingbirds…:

It was not long ago that I had decided I wanted to get some new cookware that was not as heavy as my cast iron and All Clad.  In the beginning, I was so happy with my new All Clad pans.  However, after a while I realize that the weight was just too much, they were awkward and hard for me to handle.   The weight made it hard for me to clean them and it was just taking too much energy from start to finish.

I decided I would have or need to use something different, I knew I loved the stainless and decided to stay with that.  For several months I was surfing and making notes about the different cookware out there and then I made a list of those that I wanted to go and look at personally in the stores.  After comparing and checking the weight (did not want to get anything heavy again) it was just a matter now of finding the best price.  After comparing what seemed like hundreds of brands and styles I finally made my decision to go with Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Stainless Cookware.  I love them.  They are a lot lighter than my All Clad were.  They cooked just as well as the All Clad and I am now a very happy cooker.

I give Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Stainless Cookware a rating of 5 Hummingbirds…:

I did keep a couple of pieces of my All Clad, I love my grill pan with enameled cast iron Panini press.  I too, kept my large grill.  It is perfect in size for my bridge burner on my new range.

My All Clad Cookware I would give all 5 hummingbirds for looks, but because of the extra work and time in weight it would drop to 3 of 5 hummingbirds

However, I do give my All-Clad Nonstick Double Burner Grill Pan and All Clad Panini Maker Grill Pan with Press all 5 hummingbirds…:

Be it All Clad or my Cuisinart, I love the Sauté Pans  deeper than a fry pan;  there is not as much mess when frying and I like it that I can make a casserole or such in them and then stick the whole thing in the oven.   The 3 Qt. Chef’s Pan with Cover, or 2 Qt. Casserole with helpers handles each and all are much appreciated.  I love my Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Stainless 1-Quart Pour Saucier. This pan gets a lot of use.  Each and all I have enjoyed using and it is not a big deal with the cleanup. I have energy left after cooking to do the dishes and then can continue on without feeling totally zapped from the weight and cumbersome (ness) I felt while using the All Clad.  It is now a pleasure not dread when I start a meal.

Another 5 Hummingbird for all my Cuisinart Classic Stainless…:

My favorite of my set is the Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Stainless 2-Quart. Windsor pan with cover, this is the pan I reach for first 90% of the time.  The Windsor Pan gets all 5 Hummingbirds and would be more if I had another little hummer flying around…:

I was given a gift of two little pans for Christmas…they are small but good old work horses  for me and I love them.  Le Creuset Stainless-Steel Measuring Pans in 2 cup and 3 cup sizeThe pans each have measuring marks on the inside.  Please, no more pans from family and friends.  Thank you; I appreicate each and all very much.

I give both of these little gems by Le Creuset a rating of all 5 Hummingbirds….

I have already made the decision (happened when I was decided on my range) that I will be replacing my refrig with the GE Profile Stainless Steel French-Door Refrigerator.  I will wait a while for the built in microwave.  My stainless Cuisinart microwave is not but a couple of years old.   I am happy and I hope I do not have any more decisions to make for a while….