What Is In a Name

by ....RaeDi

This is the first of several shorts that I have written about a very special fawn.  I will be posting the series of shorts about this fawn over the next few day’s ~ week’s ….

In the spring of 2009 a wonderful little fawn came into our lives. Watching this little one come and go several times a day, we got to know the fawn well.  I have written each spring about this little one that is now reaching the age of two in a few short weeks.    What a family they make, their comings and goings are one of the things that bring much joy into my life.  From the very beginning I knew this little one was unique and oh so special….

© 2009 ….RaeDi

Early one morn this spring while the grass was still wet with dew a doe came into the front lawn.  With her, she brought her little fawn not more than a few days old.   The newborn little one was perfect.  She stood out from all the other fawns we see each year.  This fawn had a personality that did not quit.  She was in such high spirits; she had come into this world ecstatic with life.   She could not stand still.  She shuffled and skipped even as she stood next to her mother.  Her personality was dissimilar to most newly born fawns.   She more resembled a playful goat or fowl.  She danced, pranced and frolicked without pause.   I watched her in awe.

Her rufus color stood out against her white spots.  Watching her amused me exceedingly.  I always stop what I am doing to watch this delicate but lively little one.  Never had I seen such an animated little fawn before.  My spirits are stimulated just watching the animation of all her actions.     One second she would be down on her front knees with her tail wagging as fast as her backside.  Then before you knew it she was up and frolicking about like a little fowl.  She would kick up her heels and charge like a little goat.  Next, she would run as fast as she could, doing figure eights around the apple trees, she went nonstop until she needed breath.  Once revived, she was off again.  Her energy seemed to be endless. It made me wonder about her survival, with all that liveliness would she put herself in danger.  Her mother was very patient with her and just watched.  I thought she was going to be a handful.

Her little nose actually pointed up and her persona reminded you of a little ballerina dancing the full stage, all she needed was a pink tutu.  She could have been Bambi’s sister.  I called her “Gaiety,” from the first time I saw her.   Her joviality has never let me down; each time she visits, she exhibits no less gaiety than on any of her previous visits.   I am very entertained each time I get to see her.  The name fits her; I am always on the lookout for Momma and Gaiety to visit me again.  They usually come through no less than a couple of times a day.  One of their favorite places is among the apple trees.  The apples are a special treat for them and they are kept busy eating the lower branch leaves and the apples that fall from the trees.  They too enjoy the plums.  I more than enjoy the time I get to watch them each visit.

What is in a name, her name fit her to a tee, until yesterday.  When they came yesterday just before dusk at early eve, I noticed that Gaiety had little bumps growing where ‘his’ antlers would be.  Do I now call him Glad to be Gus, Frolicking Fred, Ecstatic Eddie, High Spirited Henry, Rapturous Ralph or maybe Jubilant Jack?   I have settled on Glad to be Gus.  He has grown exceedingly this summer. His stance is defiantly a buck now; he has one very good male specimen for a father by the looks of this young buck.  He is thick-necked and very large for his age.  It is hard to believe that the little one with the personality plus was not a doe, I would never have guessed!…