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Just Me

 Here are some things about me, enjoy:

Just Me

My Name is ….RaeDi, I Love Life, Smiles, Hugs, and a Good Joke, a Sense of Humor is One of the things that I Love the Most. I Love Friends that Care, Share, and are Themselves. Purity of Heart, and of course those Souls that put Others First. The Lord, His Words, Forgiveness and of course Angels to all Degrees. Something that gives me Pause to Think. Learning Something New each day, (With my brain injury, I forget something more than once, so I am rewarded of learning them repeatedly.) Friends that do not Mind my Forgetfulness and have Patience with Me. There are my Hummingbirds, Poetry, Art, and Words of all kinds. All of Nature ~ everything I can see, The Eagles, Hawks, Owls and Black Bear, everywhere I look, I will see, and all Birds of the different Species. Travel, Daydreaming and Long Walks on my Beach. Being High up on a Mountain and Seeing as Far as I can see. Sounds of the Ocean Waves that measure all moments of time precisely. My Whale Sightings, their Flukes, Extending, Towering high above the water for a deep Dive, and Feeling the Mist of Salt Water from the Blast of their Blowholes carried by the Winds Breeze. Seeing and Hearing Rivers that run Loud and Long, and Waterfalls no matter the Scale or Measure. Being Green for our Planet of Blue, our Earth, Our Home, taking Care of her, and not being Wasteful. Sunup’s, Sunsets, and everything in Between and a Night Full of Stars, a Full Moon that Beams. The Warmth that your body Feels while in the Sun. All Flowers in an Array of Colors, Hydrangeas and Gardens with Fountains and Large Flower Pots, with Plants that Trail to the ground all so you can Enjoy seeing, and Walk and Roam, and Gardens that are there for you to Eat. My Gardens of Brick, Tiles, Cobblestone and Slate, there are all Kinds of Statuary placed just right for you to see, all with Tables and Chairs and Chaises for Rest and Watching my Koi and Water Lilies, an array of Plants and Places for Picnics, everything Place just so, so I can just Relax with my Friends, Come by Sometime to See. Fragrance of Phlox David, Roses, Lilies, Casablanca’s, I love Joy Perfume and all the Sweetest of all Smells. Sitting by the Fire, Sips of Port and La Bon Chocolate after a Wonderful Meal. Gourmet Cooking and Baking, I Love Company and Entertaining, Arranging Flowers for you to see. Overstuffed Chairs with an Ottoman to Rest my Feet. Music and Candles as the only Light in a Room. The Theater and Travels that take me anywhere, Museums’, Ballet, and my yearly Enchantment of the Nutcracker. Memories and Wonderment. Hearing Children’s Laughter and the Unconditional Love of Animals. A Good Book that I cannot put down until Complete. Whispers, Laughter, Holding Hands, or Arm in Arm and Hugs to all Degrees. A Child’s Hand in mind can bring Tears of Love to Me. I love saying “I Love l You More!” and Meaning it too. I have a Love of Life and a Love to Laugh from the Center of my Being. Finding and Experiencing the Meanings in each Minute of each Day and of each New Year. My Friends, they each Mean a Great Deal to me. I will try to bring you Smiles, make you feel Loved, and you will know that I Care, and it is “Just Me.” With Love and Hugs….RaeDi


I penned this several years ago and it has stuck and has been used repeatedly by my friends.  Thank You!


Fettuccini w/ Tomato Bruschetta, Chicken and Spinach



This dish came about because I had some left over Double Tomato Bruschetta from dinner the other night.   I did not want it to go to waste and had a part of a pint of Cherry Tomatoes that needed to be used.  I too knew there was at least one grilled Chicken breast in the freezer that could be used.  Will not need a trip to the market, I am glad.  It will be a quick and easy dinner that I know will be enjoyable, I am already enjoying knowing that it will not be much work and quick cleanup. 


  • 1 Pint Cherry Tomatoes (it need not be a pint, and you do not need to add these unless you want, it does add a lot of flavor and color to the dish, if not using you can add more canned diced tomatoes)
  • 1can diced tomatoes
  • 2 Diced cloves of Garlic
  • 1 Teaspoon Basil
  • 1 Teaspoon Parsley
  • Pinch of Red Pepper Flakes
  • 1 ½ Cups Tomato Juice
  • 1~2 Precooked Chicken Breasts
  • 1 ½ Cups Striped Fresh Spinach
  • Fresh Ground Black Pepper, Sea Salt to taste
  • Fettuccini Noodles ~ how many are you feeding?
  • Sour Cream
  • Shredded Parmesan and Romano Cheese Blend

I put the garlic cloves in the mini food processor and pulsed until they were pretty well diced up.   I added the cherry tomatoes that I had and pulsed until they were diced well.  What a beautiful color this makes all natural.  I put this in my Windsor pan on low heat and added the tomato juice, can of diced tomatoes, basil, parsley, red pepper flakes and the left over Bruschetta.  I added the freshly ground black pepper and a little sea salt to taste.  I put it on low heat and simmered for around 30 or so minutes. 

The garlic was very fragrant and the juice was cooked down by half.  I pulled my chicken meat into larger pieces (As you can see in the picture I added the chicken too soon it ended up shredded instead, next time I will remember to add them just in time to heat through good, too, sometimes I will put the meat in a steam basket and steam it until hot and then add at the last minute.  This method is good for two reasons, one it stays in the size pieces you want and if there is any grease, fat on it will melt into the water in the bottom of the pan and with the chicken above the water in the basket it makes it grease free) and the spinach I have ready to add at the last minute.  Chicken is already cooked and the spinach only takes a couple of short minutes to be done.  When the sauce has reduced by half I will put on the water for the noodles and I cook per directions of package. 

Once the noodles have only a couple of minutes (I then will add the steamed hot chicken) and spinach to the tomato sauce.  Put lid on so that everything is heated through and the steam it makes will cook the spinach.

Once all is done I drained the noodles and placed a serving on plate and added the sauce.  I put a dollop of sour cream and shredded cheese blend on top and dinner was ready.

This was a quick dinner that packed a significant amount of flavor and to top it off I used up all the food that needed to be eaten…. 

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