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From the Free Dictionary ….Usage Note: Critique has been used as a verb meaning “to review or discuss critically” since the 18th century, but lately this usage has gained much wider currency, in part because the verb criticize, once neutral between praise and censure, is now mainly used in a negative sense. 

This “Critique Corner” in this title means to review or discuss and open to discussions.  I do not normally like to criticize anyone; it is not my nature to do so.  I more times than not will put my money on a sure bet (one that has had praise from others hopefully) and too, due to the economic environment we are living in today (no one has money to burn.)  Thinking things through, getting all the information you can and then taking time to connect all the dots is a pretty good bet going in to buying or using something most times.  Every once in awhile the sure bet does lose….but could be because of many extenuating circumstances’.   I like to try to find the best in all and hopefully I will hit the prize more times than not. 

I have five little hummers that are here to tell us about what they find and what they think.  They are inquisitive little flyers and happy to let you know everything they know.   Their curiosity will hopefully make life easier for you.  Come along for a fast flight to words of honesty about food, recipes, foodies, books, and appliances… just about anything you can imagine.  They encourage your feedbacks and anything that needs to be corrected.  They are open to everyone else’s opinion in return.  Just do it the hummers’ way, be kind, sincere and use language that is appropriate.   We will be glad to take any advice and instructions that is given in a ‘well-mannered and courteous’ way!  Words that are rude and disrespectful with an ungracious attitude will not be posted. 

The Hummers by nature are very quick witted and fast at everything and miss nothing.  Like a cat they are very inquisitive, they will check out anything that crosses its alleyway so to speak.   Because of the general curiosity a hummer has it can be seen checking out about everything that catches it eye.     I too am inquisitive, and my curiosity seems to always lead me on different paths than the usual well worn pathways used by others.  I like to find the unusual and interesting things that are on my trail of life, something that draws my eye too, like the hummers, be it a scent or taste of anything.   Each and all my senses are definite traits that will lead me quickly down a different direction, new pathways to find the answers of how it was made, how to use…so many answers to be found.  As a young girl I can remember my Mom telling me to save some questions for another day.  It always puts a smile on my face when I think about it.   Questions can and will lead a person on many adventures. 

I find it very helpful when others give me a helping hand about different foods, recipes, books, appliances’, a reference to steer me in the right directions.   I myself like lots of references, checking them all out, in the end I find most of the time it was a lot cheaper and sometimes less painful in the end product.  Hopefully, the words from my hummers will give you a reference you can use too.   

For me (and most) it is jeopardy every time I buy something that I know little to nothing about.  Life for me is different than for most, I have a brain injury.  Instructions for most are easily read and followed, for me depending on the day it may seem it is written in a completely different language than my own.  I have to use other means of finding out how to use something more times than I would like to admit to.  One of my new tools I use is You Tube.   I now will Google something and watch the videos that other make to physically show me how to do something.  For some they must question why someone would take the time to show instruction on video, I do happen to know that most of these instructional video do work, because I have personally used them to help me navigate a new product that I cannot seem to make head or tails of.  Even when the person is speaking another language I can make out how to put something together.  A good example is a mandolin I bought and just could not make out the instructions to save my life.  I was about ready to throw in the towel and sell it on eBay.  But with a quick Google and a couple of clicks I found ‘many’ folks ‘needing’ to show me how to use that particular mandolin.  It took less time than all the time I wasted trying to decipher the instructions and almost losing a couple of fingers.    It is a good thing that so many want to be in ‘films’ the internet way through YouTube. 

Most times it works, but it is extra work…if I find a product that is more work than it is worth, I will sell it on eBay (if it cannot be returned to the store, or I will have to make a trip to the store and ‘hope’ the sells person knows what he-she is talking about!) as used once and that takes care of that.  To make this clear, with a brain injury simple instructions for everyone else can seem to be written in secret code to me.  I too, some days find it hard to spell cat, so that throws another knot into the whole ball of twine.  It is a very interesting life one leads with a brain injury, but it can be full of many surprises and adventures. 

I do not advertise.  I do not make monies from my reviews; I do it because I like to pass on good information, at least from my perspective about the things I buy, use, read and find interesting just to let folks know what I have found, maybe my words could be helpful.   I find it helpful when someone has tried something and they can tell me if it was worth the time, effort and money.  I make no monies from any of my blog, it is for my general enjoyment, when I feel up to writing my shorts and writing about what recipe I have used and such, each and all are my own words.  I will at times change the names of people, or places and such for privacy reasons.   Anyone can use some of my words and pictures with recognition and at times with permission depending on what is being used.    The same when I write about a recipe or such, where it came from will get the recognition in the post I am writing at the time. 

I hope my Hummers’ Critique Corner will be helpful to someone (s)….