by ....RaeDi

© 2009 ….RaeDi

A few days ago, I was sitting on our back deck.  I had taken a book with me to read.  The songs of nature kept calling to me.  So, I finally put down my book.  I closed my eyes and just listened.  It really feeds my soul.  I am not only hearing multitudes of different bird songs and calls, but also I see such a diverse gathering of birds all in varying sizes and feathers of all colors.  It is almost as if you drink in the sounds and sights.  I know what things look like and am able to name the noise; but that is because I have lived my life with sight and sound.  If  blind and deaf now could I remember what the word stood for be it color,  hearing the color would I see it or  the shape, texture, music, name and so much more could I still hear the source with thought .  When I think of this quote from Helen Keller, the meaning in the quote has only intensified my need to take that special time and become one with my spirit, one with my maker and one with all the wondrous things that surround me.    To me, it makes me whole.  It makes me want to know as much as possible about all of nature.

 “Make the most of every sense, glory in all of the pleasures and beauty which the world reveals to you”….Helen Keller

This is something I have kept in my wood box for over a ‘few’ decades.  The first time I read this it gave me much pause to think what this truly meant.  I had always been fascinated with Helen Keller. As an infant, she contracted an illness that caused her to become deaf and blind; she could no longer see the world or her family, nor could she hear the words being spoken, there would be no more sounds of laughter.   

The senses she had left compensated for her loss of sight and sound.  The other senses became aware and bonded to interchange.  Helen Keller learned how to use each of her senses that she had left.  I sometimes wonder if she gained more than a disability.  She saw things that most do not even notice.  She heard things that most of us are not even aware.  How many times have I not heard the songbird or did not see all the colors that surrounded me for one reason or another, being too busy?  She was deaf and blind, and she missed nothing.  It also brings to my mind taking the time to smell the roses along the way.   

The gifts we are each borne with should never be wasted.   I find taking some time each day, wherever it may be, in my woods, at our beach, in one of my gardens, on one of our decks or even our balcony or  just sitting at a window because of cold and rain to  just relax and let go.  I ask in prayer for the world to be put in the palm of my hand, to let me experience what my maker has given us in sight and sound.   I put a little time aside to take in all that surrounds me.  I watch for natures calling cards.  It does not take long and nature will put on a show for me.   I have learned to hear without sound, and to see without sight, I open up my spirit and take in all of what nature has to give me. 

I cannot imagine not hearing anything, no songbirds, music, conversation, laughter and so much more.  I close my eyes and cannot imagine not seeing all that surrounds me.  I can picture it in my mind, but I wonder for how long?  When you are born deaf and/or blind, you have no memory of such.  Those that lose their hearing and sight as young children how long after losing hearing will the memory of words being spoken, the rain on a tin roof, our four-legged friends and our friends with feathers how long before they fade away?  No songs to be heard, no animal sounds, not seeing what family and friends look like, the sunups and sunsets, children at play.

Being deaf and blind can be a disability, but I have seen that they can be equal in sight and sound by matching other senses to compensate for the different.  The variable being we are blessed with many kinds of senses.   They may not have sight or cannot hear anymore, but they seem to hear and see so much more than some people without the same deficits.  They are very much aware of what is going on around them.  How many of us go through life where we choose to hear no sounds, and are blind to so much around us.  To some it makes it easier.  Don’t see, don’t hear, and so don’t have to deal with it.   They bury their head in the sand.    I am so blessed to have all my senses.  I choose to use all of them to the fullest.   I always have, that is where my inquisitive mind comes into play.  I needed to see the minute details; I wanted to be aware of the slightest of notes.  Each and all gave me color in my life, allowed me to study the masterpieces and to hear the faintest of sonatas.  All this from smelling my rosebuds, as I was gathering a few from the different rose plants in my rose garden.  Helen Keller words reminded me enjoy all that surrounds me; let nothing not be found as a pleasure of one kind or another.  

I know she saw and heard things that neither you nor I have yet ascertained there are so many things yet to discover.   What path lies ahead that will teach us a new color or new note, think of all the souls that we meet and can share all of our combined knowledge. I am waiting to hear and see what discoveries each and all have made.  Open my eyes and let me hear….