I Would Rather….

by ....RaeDi




I would rather Love than Loathe, Embrace than Forsake, Laugh than Cry, Give than Take or Deny, and I would rather Include than Exclude or Prohibit.  Give me Kindness over Cruelty, Humanity over Heartlessness, Peace over Discord, and Need over WantConsecrate not Desecrate, Support over Distort, Sincerity and Honesty over Deceit, Truth over Lies, and Trust over Corruption.  Commitment and Dedication over Disloyalty.   I would rather be a Rarity than have Wealth, have Resilience over Resignation and have Hope over Impossibilities. Perceive (notice using senses) over Concealment and Perception/Insight over Dishonesty and Discount.   Have Discernment than Indifference and Inattentiveness.  Giving the Gift of Appreciation and Gratitude not DisapprovalGifting Quality never Mediocrity.    Respect over Contempt, Scorn or Distain.   Awareness and not Ignorance.    Feelings and Belief over Distrust and DisbeliefDiscernment and Wisdom over Ignorance.   Awareness over Lack of Knowledge.  Appreciation and not CondemnationPurity and not Corruption.  I would rather Embrace then Eliminate.    Admiration over Disapproval.   Faith and Belief over Doubt.   Dependability and Reliability over FallibilityAssurance and Confidence of Belief and not Timidity.    Dedication, Devotion and Faithfulness over InfidelityPiousness over WickednessInnocence and Virtue over Corruption and Adulteration….RaeDi