Evidence of Autumn… Color Everywhere

by ....RaeDi

Solitary Bench

Evidence of Autumn                                                                     

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I was out on my walk yesterday taking in the scenery and checking to make sure, we had not missed any vegetables. The garden is spent for the season, a few tomatoes may still ripen, but for the most part our gardening season is over. Watching leaves fall to the ground and the audible range of the sounds of a flock of geese well before seeing them headed south were all signs that summer has ended and autumn has begun. The cool crisp air and all the colors of autumn in the leaves and the beautiful fall Mums are true markings that summer has ended and autumn is here.

When I was in grade school, I heard this song for the first time; Nat King Cole was singing it. The song was before my time, but the words seemed to speak to me. Maybe I had an old soul at a young age, but it words made an impression on me from the first time hearing this song, it still feeds my soul each time I hear it. It gives me pause, I reflect and yesterday and this morning as I walked and took in my surroundings the music kept repeating in my head. This song and all the signs that are so clearly ‘autumn’ brought about the way I felt and how I observed all that was taking place as I took my scroll around my home.

Down our lane

Autumn Leaves

Lyrics by Johnny Mercer and Music by Joseph Kosma
Written in 1945, French, “Les Feuillet Mortes” (The Dead Leaves) by poet Jacques Prevert

The falling leaves drift by my window
The falling leaves of red and gold
I see your lips; the summer kisses
The sunburned hands I used to hold

Since you went away the days grow long
And soon I’ll hear old winter’s song
But I miss you most of all, my darling
When autumn leaves start to fall

On my walk this morning, I see the beginnings of our third stage of nature cycles. If I had to choose, autumn would be my choice of the four seasons. Spring her beauty, the rebirth of beginnings of the new year. Announcement is made with colors of varying splashes of an assortment of greens, diverse the colors in a range of blooming flowers, the buds that swell and open on the trees. The winds carry the fragrance that is abundant from the mixes of floral, some for beauty and some to yield our harvest at summer’s peak.

Spring the time we set aside to plant our gardens for visional display and immense pleasure, satisfaction in an array of colors and textures, from ground cover to vines that climb. Too, for those who have a love of cultivating the soil and planting gardens for produce that facilitate our dietary needs that are homegrown, healthy, organic, and freshly picked. Gardening is self-fulfillment from very hard work giving you a deep sense of pride. Each garden can range in dimension and design, from small, or large, garden boxes to just a pot in size.  Herbs, their savor, add interest and essence, adding flavor to our food, wonderful profuse bouquets in diverse flavors and aroma infusing pleasure, pure distinction each its own. At summer’s end they will be cut and hanging to dry for future use.

Summer is that time we share and seek out all forms of enjoyment, contentment from the season of sun and long days, setting time off to relax, and time for escapades. Summer the warmest season of the year sees our lives being lived in full swing, the days light longer with an abundance of time to be drawn on. All the ages from the babes, children, the youth, those who are grown(n)ing up and are midlife too, and the elders each and all holds what summer gives. Summer brings holiday travels and an abundance of time for the using… shared by all. Summer is as much a feeling as it is a season.

Angel in the garden

As fall approaches, the days get shorter, harvest time is at its peak. This time of year, we put in time and energies readying ourselves for the wintry days that are fast approaching. We see the colors of fall; colors are bright and draw you in. A special scent comes with autumn and as you walk, you feel and hear the leaves that are shed from the trees; things are going dormant, soon to sleep. Autumn mandates the start of migration of those species of birds that gather and follow their innate map sending them south. Here in the Pacific Northwest the salmon, the species of large fish, spends most of its life, several years at sea to return in mid-summer through autumn to migrate up freshwater to spawn; returning to what were their beginnings.

The dark of winter starts to get its hold; days are stunted, as the weather turns cold. Fleeting from our summers past, the lengthy hours now no more with evidence our autumn colors and harvest, over time the reflection and wintry wraps, comes with autumn’s conclusion. However, for now, I will take in the display of colors that are cast and draped, her scenery like on a stage playing out for all to see. This her time for rest from utilizing great energy needed during her flourishing season. She now makes known, a fanfare of colors exposed before her decline, leaving all bear as she settles into her wintry sleep. This season between summer and winter, her birth and her decline to rest for rebirth to come as we start our new cycles of seasons at winters end….

(I wrote this a few years ago and had a couple of requests for me to post)

No matter where I am, what I am doing or how I feel I have one companion that is always there with me… Ninnie our Pixie Bob cat.  She helps me take my pictures and loves it when I bake bread….