Sense of Adventure

by ....RaeDi


I have always had a love of reading and learning about people, places and things from around the world.  I have had lists since I was a child of the places I wanted to go, see, and experience when I was old enough to do just that.  For me it is necessary to experience the people, places and things personally.  I love to visit and gain understanding about the people and truly get to know whom they are, finding out about their cultures first hand.  I need to see, hear, feel, smell and taste my way through my travels and put these new founds senses to my memory.  Nothing can compare to being there seeing and experiencing things first hand. 

On all my travels, I love exploring the paths that the locals take, talking with the locals and trying my best to be one with them and not just the outsider, the tourist.  The locals once they see you are very interested in who they are, how they live their lives, seeing things from their perspective will see you in a different light.  Showing your true interest of who they are crosses those bounds and fine-tunes you to all that can be a part of your travels.  I find that they have a different level of respect for me and share things with me that I would not learn otherwise.   I have met so many wonderful souls, and made some dear and lasting friendships on my travels and I consider them added blessings in my life. 

You can tell me all about the Eiffel Tower, but until I was there in person studying this recognizable landmark, walking around it, and talking with the Parisians and tourists alike, it was what made it all come alive to me.  I could see it up close and personal, I could touch it, feel the textures, and see the colors. 

I love to sit back and listen to the children and folks having so much fun experiencing the same thing that I am, the exposure of everyone’s feelings showing on their faces and in their hearts.  It makes the soul so complete.  It is etched in your spirit ~ your soul so you can tap into this new-found knowledge when needed or just day dreaming, about all that which is most willingly shared by all on these adventures. 

All the involvements that surrounds you makes a mark on your memory, the evidence of all that was on that sunny afternoon in Paris, experiencing the same as each person sharing the day, equally sharing an experience, least they know or not.  It is there to be recalled whenever you think of your experiences, your associations are recognized, your identity markers of past participation makes a connection, you will recognize again and again some of the same actions, gestures, attitudes that are mimicked at other times in other adventures.  So many things connect each and all.   The total sum of all sounds, sights, smells, tastes all interconnect and bring the ‘Sense of Adventure’ to meet and combine at your center.  I know when I experience things it triggers the good the bad and the indifference in all experiences spent to present, the recall is phenomenal. 

When I dined at the Les Tour 58 Eiffel in Paris, I remember the sights, the beautiful white lights that could be seen while looking out the window, the sounds, and the smells.  The beautiful linen, the china and silver, and the wonderful staff and how they treated us, took us in, and told us what we should not miss on this trip.  Asking where we had been and where we were going and telling us some simple things that might make this trip that much more enjoyable and memorable.  They were so kind and it was   genuine respect that they showed us as we muddled through what now in retrospect seemed or was beginners French.    The harder we tried the more sincere they were. 

I will never forget anyone of the experiences I have had ~ be it in Paris, NYC or Seattle, no matter where I have traveled.  Each and all are a total sum of all that I have become and are embedded in my heart, to be thought of often and even shared. 

My words, photography and food blog, is a place I will share some of my short(s) (I prefer calling them) stories I love to write, some of my photography and of course my love of food and cooking.  At times, I may bring along some of my family and friends that have joined me along the way.  I always look forward to adventure and new souls and of what I do not know and the love of getting to know each and all better, learning from firsthand experience, and yes with my inquisitive nature I hope some of you will not mind answering my questions or explaining something to me along the way….RaeDi